NVIDIA bundles games for extra holiday cheer

NVIDIA‘Tis the season to be jolly and NVIDIA is giving PC gamers more for their dollar. In Southeast Asia and Australia, every purchase of a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series card will come with a bundle of games. And we’re talking about the latest games!

Buy an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770, 780, 780 Ti, or Titan and get Assassin’s Creed IV — Black Flag, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Batman: Arkham Origins free. During this holiday season, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 and GTX 680,  670, 660 Ti, or 660 will come bundled with Assassin’s Creed IV — Black Flag and Splinter Cell Blacklist. Additionally, every NVIDIA GeForce card purchased also includes free-to-play games Marvel Hero and Warframe.

The NVIDIA GeForce holiday bundle is available across the region. Redemption of games will be through http://www.geforce.com/holidaybundle, where buyers can get their game codes.  The holiday bundle programme will end on February 28, 2014


Huawei turbocharges LTE speed and revenue

XL Axiata representatives demonstrating Turbo Button. Inset: The Turbo Button mobile app.

Huawei has demonstrated a Turbo Button solution for dramatically boosting delivered LTE speeds with a simple push of a button on a mobile app.

Turbo Button allows mobile subscribers to easily accelerate their data speeds on demand from 1 Mb/s up to 70 Mb/s over a set period of time with just one touch on a downloadable app. The service is especially useful for improving the experience of high-speed web surfing, online gaming, large file uploads and downloads, and HD video streaming among other bandwidth intensive services.

The demo was conducted by Indonesian mobile operator XL Axiata at the recent 2013 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Indonesia and made exclusive use of Huawei’s Networker solution for LTE. XL

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Taxi booking app targets Hong Kong expats and tourists

TaxiwiseHong Kong startup Taxiwise Company Limited has introduced a taxi booking mobile app for expats and tourists in Hong Kong.

Called Taxiwise, the app provides passengers with an easy way to book taxi service in English or Chinese language.  For drivers, they get more quality orders without language issues, as the app automatically translates orders from English to Chinese.  Venues can book and manage multiple taxis for their clients with an easy-to-use dashboard.

The idea came about when founder Jean Marc Ly had an unpleasant experience while trying to hail a taxi. He was rejected  nine times as taxi drivers were either busy or did not understand English well. It inspired him and his two co-founders to develop a taxi booking mobile app with built-in translation, advanced booking and order matching functions.

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Smartphone shipment up 40% while average price drops 12%

IDCWorldwide smartphone shipments are expected to surpass one billion units in 2013, representing 39.3 percent growth over 2012, according to a recently published mobile phone forecast from IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Despite a number of mature markets nearing smartphone saturation, the demand for low-cost computing in emerging markets continues to drive the smartphone market forward. By 2017, total smartphone shipments are expected to approach 1.7 billion units, resulting in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4 percent from 2013 to 2017.

While shipment has gone up, the average selling price (ASP) has seen a steady decline. Android has enabled a number of new manufacturers to enter the smartphone market supported by a variety of turnkey processing solutions. Many of these handset vendors have focused on low-cost devices as a way to build brand awareness.

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Half billion LTE connections in Asia in 2017

GSMAThe uptake of 4G-LTE is expected to grow to pass one billion by 2017, according to a new study by GSMA Intelligence. This translates to one in eight of the more than eight billion total mobile connections forecast by that point, up from 176 million LTE connections at the end of 2013. And around half of these are expected to be in Asia.

Nearly 500 LTE networks are forecast to be in service across 128 countries, roughly double the number of live LTE networks today.

“Since the launch of the first commercial 4G-LTE networks in late 2009 we are seeing deployments accelerate across the globe,” said Hyunmi Yang, Chief Strategy Officer of GSMA. “Our new report highlights a number of factors that are driving LTE growth: the timely allocation of suitable spectrum to mobile operators; the availability of affordable LTE devices; and the implementation of innovative tariffs that encourage adoption of high-speed data services. Mobile operators in both developed and developing markets are seeing LTE services contributing to a significant increase in ARPU.”

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Tablets to account for half of PC market in 2014

 Source: Canalys

Tablets will almost out ship all other PC form factors combined, forming almost 50 percent of the total client PC market (desktops, notebooks, and tablets) in  2014, according to Canalys.

The worldwide client PC market grew 18 percent in Q3, despite desktop and notebook shipments continuing to decline. Tablet PC shipments accounted for 40 percent of PC shipments in Q3, less than half a million units behind global notebook shipments.

Tablet domination is set to continue, with Canalys forecasting 285 million units to ship in 2014, growing to 396 million units in 2017. Apple and Samsung are expected keep ahead of their competitors in the medium term, but there could be challenges for both vendors as competition in the tablet market continues to heat up.

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ZTE partners NGMN on converged network management services

ZTEZTE has announced a strategic commitment to provide enhanced converged operations capabilities as a member of the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN). ZTE is collaborating with both its customers as well as NGMN, an alliance led by 22 of the largest international mobile network operators, via its Next Generation Converged Operations Requirements (NGCOR) project in order to meet and exceed current industry needs.

ZTE’s goal in the partnership is to help eliminate technical barriers caused by vendor incompatibilities, reduce network complexity, and minimize operations and maintenance costs.  Based on years of system analysis, ZTE has planned a set of unified OSS platforms with unified interface standards to support converged network management. Once the platform is established, ZTE estimates the unified and centralized database will decrease the number of interfaces by 80 percent.

“ZTE is proud to be working with the NGMN and our key customers to advance these converged operations solutions,” said Sun Zhenge, Vice President of ZTE. “ZTE’s commitment is aimed at improving efficiency and quality of converged solutions, while also decreasing the time and cost involved.”

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NVIDIA GRID VCA makes Asian debut

NVIDIA GRID VCAVisitors to SIGGRAPH Asia last week were the first to see and catch the demo of NVIDIA GRID VCA in Asia.

Essentially, NVIDIA GRID VCA is a powerful GPU-based system that runs complex applications such as Autodesk and sends their graphics output over the network to be displayed on a client computer. This gives users the graphics experience they would get from a dedicated desktop workstation.

When available in Asia in the first half of 2014, NVIDIA GRID VCA will bring graphics power to small and medium businesses, and workgroups in large enterprises.

Design firms, film studios, post production facilities, architectural firms, and other businesses can then give creative and engineering design teams access to graphics-intensive applications with unprecedented performance, flexibility and security.


hybris announces B2C Commerce Accelerator for China

hybris SAPhybris has announced the coming availability of hybris B2C Commerce Accelerator for China. As businesses move from a single channel, such as print catalogues, to multiple channels — including online, mobile, print and call centers, complexity increases.

Founded on hybris Commerce Accelerator, hybris B2C Commerce Accelerator for China has been specially configured and equipped with functionalities specifically to address Chinese e-commerce needs.

Adapted expressly for the Chinese market, it comes with pre-configured page templates that are designed to suit the highly characteristic ‘click’ culture and specific shopping atmosphere enjoyed by Chinese consumers, providing big product images, larger merchandising bars and a very visual user experience.

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Power limiting progress in mobile devices

Neil TrevettPower is a big limitation in mobile devices despite improvements in battery power, according to Neil Trevett, Vice President Mobile Content of NVIDIA.

“Power is the new performance limiter. Developers need to use acceleration to preserve battery life and high performance,” he said at NVIDIA Tech Talk at SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, advanced mobile GPUs and new sensors are combining to make vision processing the next wave of mobile visual processing. NVIDIA is building a stack of advanced silicon, APIs and libraries to enable advanced mobile vision applications.

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 opens in Hong Kong

SIGGRAPH 2013 registration

Computer graphic professionals and enthusiasts made a beeline to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre  in the opening day of SIGGRAPH Asia. The show has returned to Hong Kong after being held in Singapore last year. Interest for the show must be high because Kobe is making a bid to host the 2015 edition.


SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 starts tomorrow


Exhibitors were working hard to get ready for SIGGRAPH Asia, which starts tomorrow at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Among them are HP and NVIDIA which have lined up two full-days of Tech Talks on “Shaping the future of visual computing”.  Also on display are demos which showcase the power of GPU computing from the Quadro range of professional desktop GPUs to the NVIDIA GRID VCA.


IBM and NVIDIA to supercharge data centre applications

NVIDIAIBM logoIBM and NVIDIA plan to collaborate on GPU-accelerated versions of IBM’s wide portfolio of enterprise software applications — taking GPU accelerator technology for the first time into the heart of enterprise-scale data centres.

The collaboration aims to enable IBM customers to more rapidly process, secure and analyse massive volumes of streaming data.

“Harnessing GPU technology to IBM’s enterprise software platforms will bring advanced, in-memory processing to a wider variety of new application areas,” said Sean Poulley, Vice President of Databases and Data Warehousing at IBM. “We are looking at a new generation of higher-performance solutions to help data center customers overcome their most challenging computing problems.”

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New NVIDIA Tesla K40 speeds up supercomputing and big data analytics

NVIDIA Tesla K40The NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerator is arguably the world’s highest performance accelerator ever built. It is capable of delivering extreme performance to a wide range of scientific, engineering, high performance computing (HPC), and enterprise applications.

Providing double the memory and up to 40 percent higher performance than its predecessor, the Tesla K20X GPU accelerator, and 10 times higher performance than the fastest CPU, the Tesla K40 GPU is the world’s first and highest-performance accelerator optimised for big data analytics and large-scale scientific workloads.

Featuring intelligent NVIDIA GPU Boost technology, which converts power headroom into a user-controlled performance boost, the Tesla K40 GPU accelerator enables users to unlock the untapped performance of a broad range of applications.

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GSMA and ITU to drive mobile broadband in APAC

GSMAGSMA is collaborating with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in a new programme to encourage the development of mobile broadband in the Asia-Pacific region.

The new “m-Powering for Mobile Broadband” campaign will facilitate the exchange of experiences and sharing of best practices in specific policy areas with the goal of encouraging investment in mobile broadband infrastructure, instilling consumer confidence in mobile applications and supporting the long-term growth of the sector.

“Mobile is a transformative technology that has had a significant economic and social impact not only in Asia, but on a global basis,” said Irene Ng, Head of GSMA Asia. “Mobile provides access to healthcare where there are no doctors, access to education where there are no teachers and access to financial services where there are no banks. GSMA is pleased to be working hand in hand with ITU to accelerate the widespread adoption of mobile broadband in Asia and the Pacific, and in turn, to enable new opportunities for economic growth, technological innovation and social development.”

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids available in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 KidsParents in Singapore have another possible Christmas gift to buy for their young children. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is a tablet built specifically for kids with the educational tools and safety features parents want.

It comes with a slew of pre-loaded content including educational, games, entertainment and e-book apps such as Toca Hair Salon 2,  Pettson’s Inventions 2, Kids WORLD, Farm 123, and Skoolbo Core Skills.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is available at S$388 at Toys”R”Us, Popular book stores, major consumer electronics and IT stores, and Samsung Experience Stores.

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ViewSonic introduces wireless presentation gateway for sharing of multimedia content

Viewsonic WPG-370One major bugbear for using tablets is the difficulty in using it for presentations. It often involves setting up adapters and cables. ViewSonic has the answer for that with the new Miracast and Intel WiDi optimised ViewSync WPG-370 gateway solution.

Ideal for enterprise, SMB, and education environments as well as AV installers, the WPG-370 provides advanced universal wireless connectivity for any new or existing projector, monitor, TV, or large-format display.

Whether projecting from Windows, Mac, iOS or Android platforms, this solution makes it easy to wirelessly push content onto the screen without cords and wires.

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Alibaba breezes through China Singles’ Day online traffic with ZTE technology

AlibabaAlibaba Group handled a record-breaking surge in online shopping traffic on China Singles’ Day on November 11 , the busiest day of the year for Internet retailers in China.

China’s largest e-commerce company broke its one-day sales record by more than 80 percent. ZTE’s ZXONE 8700 optical transport network system carried 90 percent of Alibaba’s operating data traffic that day, as online shopping orders pushed Alibaba’s peak data traffic to almost 300 Gbits per second, sustained for a period of seven hours.

For the 24-hour duration of China Singles’ Day, ZTE’s OTN systems deployed by Alibaba delivered excellent network performance and fault-free reliability, with no malfunction warning reported.

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NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 in time for Christmas

NVIDIA Tegra NoteFirst spotted at Computex, the NVIDIA Tegra Note is set to hit the shelves in Asia in December, with end November a possibility.

EVGA is already availing the EVGA Tegra Note 7 through NewEgg for just US$199 in the US. In the UK, ADVENT has started pre-orders for its Tegra Note 7.

From industry sources, Asia does not have to wait much longer — with late November and early December targets from different vendors, including HP and Gigabyte.

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Your smartphone will be smarter than you by 2017

GartnerIn four years’ time, your smartphone may be smarter than you. It will be able to predict your next move, next purchase or interpret actions based on what it knows, according to Gartner. This insight will be performed based on an individual’s data gathered using cognizant computing — the next step in personal cloud computing.

“Mobile phones have turned into smartphones thanks to two things: technology and apps,” Carolina Milanesi, Research Vice President of Gartner. “Technology has added features such as cameras, locations and sensors, while apps have connected those to an array of functions that, for the most part, add and improve our day to day life from a social, knowledge, entertainment and productivity point of view.” 

What smartphones can do through apps has improved and broadened thanks to the personal cloud. “We assume that apps will acquire knowledge over time and get better with improved predictions of what users need and want, with data collection and response happening in real-time,” she added.

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Customer experience management is top IT priority for telcos in 2014

ovumCustomer experience management (CEM) has emerged as the top driver of telco IT investments in 2014, according to Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights. Telco IT spend is expected to reach US$60.7b by 2017, with investments geared towards telecoms infrastructure (cloud platforms, server virtualisation and BSS/OSS systems to support LTE implementations) and online channels to support customers’ increasingly digital lifestyles.

In the largest survey of senior IT executives ever conducted, Ovum reveals a long-term shift in spending towards customer-oriented systems and on improving customer satisfaction within the telecoms industry.

Survey respondents identified multi-channel integration and service personalisation as top areas of focus in the next 18 months, with 67 percent and 61 percent planning to increase spending in these two areas, respectively. Elsewhere, business intelligence and advanced analytics (predictive or big data analytics) will be key for operators — more than 80 percent of respondents will deploy these at the network level in an attempt to offer an enhanced connected experience with predictable, consistent, and relevant services at each point of interaction in the customer lifecycle.

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Samsung drives road safety campaign in Singapore

Pledge your attentionDrive without mobile distractions — that’s the message from Samsung’s “The Road Comes First” campaign targeted at Singapore road users to promote the responsible use of mobile phones on the road.

Endorsed by the Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council, the campaign aims to address the increasing problem of illegal mobile phone use among drivers. The number of summons increased 46 percent, from 1,169 between January to June in 2012 to 1,705 over the same period in 2013.

A Samsung-commissioned survey found that a large majority of 83 percent of the Singapore drivers surveyed admitted to using their mobile phones, without a hands-free kit, while at the wheel in the last 12 months. They were most likely to be using GPS or map applications, checking their mobile phone screens, and texting.

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Large screen smartphones gaining popularity

CanalysThe numbers are clear. Big is getting more popular. Large screen smart phones (five-inch and above) accounted for 22 percent of the quarter billion smartphones shipped in Q3. This is the highest number ever and translates to a staggering 56 million units.

Samsung is the dominant player in the large screen segment. Breaking this down further, 66 percent of the 56 million smart phones had a five-inch display, 31 percent had screens between five and six inches while just three percent had six-inch or larger screens.

According to Canalys, the smartphone market grew 44 percent year-on-year in Q3. The top two vendors, Samsung and Apple, maintained their positions, with market shares of 34 percent and 15 percent respectively. Huawei, Lenovo and LG completed the top five.

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NVIDIA fights back in battle of the GPUs with GeForce GTX 780 Ti

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780TiAMD fired the first salvo after a long period of silence to reignite the GPU battle. But, NVIDIA has hit back immediately and regained the crown with the GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Besides sheer performance, NVIDIA’s armoury also includes G-SYNC, GeForce Experience and ShadowPlay.

The new card delivers smooth frame rates at extreme resolutions for the latest and hottest PC games, including Assassin’s Creed IV — Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Batman: Arkham Origins. It also this with cool, quiet operation that is critical to providing an immersive gaming experience.

Powering the GPU is the NVIDIA Kepler architecture, which provides an advanced, low-thermal-density design that translates into better cooling, quieter acoustics and record-breaking performance.

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Target: Silver surfers

GartnerThe Baby Boomer generation is unlike any other. More technologically advanced, savvy and adaptable, they have been blessed with a slew of technologies and are not afraid to use them — for work and play.

Such is their influence that Gartner has note that silver surfers represent a more important technology market than Generation X and Generation Y.

Gartner Vice President and Fellow David Furlonger pointed out that with an aging population in many mature and emerging markets, technologists, designers and marketers must refocus to seize this crucial opportunity.

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Apple to dominate smartphone-integrated vehicle infotainment market

abi researchApple’s “iOS in the Car” will lead the market for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems equipped with smartphone integration technologies, according to ABI Research.

It predicts that the market will grow substantially during the next five years to reach 35.1 million units globally by 2018. Of these, 49.8 percent will be equipped with Apple’s “iOS in the Car”, 43.6 percent with MirrorLink and 28.2 percent with other technologies.

Developments in the smartphone world are revolutionising consumers’ in-car expectations. Besides Internet connectivity itself, the ability to select apps whenever they choose is probably one of the IVI features that consumers value the most.

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