End of Galaxy Note 7

samsung-galaxy-note-7-boxIt’s the final farewell for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung Singapore implemented on December 28 an OTA update that completely restricted the smartphone from charging past zero percent. That’s tantamount to rendering the device totally useless. The last five percent who have held on to their Galaxy Note 7 for whatever reason will end up having a mere collector’s item.

However, all is not lost as Samsung Singapore is providing a lifeline for exchange/refund. Just call 1800-SAMSUNG.

“Samsung is thankful for the support from customers and is deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.” was the official statement from Samsung.

1 in 5 user interaction with smartphone will be via VPAs in 2019

google-nowAdvances in various technologies will drive users to interact with their smartphones in more intuitive ways, said Gartner. It expect that, by 2019, 20 percent of all user interactions with the smartphone will take place via virtual personal assistants (VPAs).

“The role of interactions will intensify through the growing popularity of VPAs among smartphone users and conversations made with smart machines,” said Annette Zimmermann, Research Director of Gartner.

Gartner’s annual mobile apps survey conducted in Q4 among 3,021 consumers across three countries (US, UK and China) found that 42 percent of respondents in the US and 32 percent in the UK used VPAs on their smartphones in the last three months. More than 37 percent of respondents (average across US and UK) used a VPA at least one or more times a day.

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Pebble on the verge?

pebble-vergeThe Pebble Time may become a collector’s item if rumours of a Pebble takeover bid by Fitbit comes to pass.

Fanning the reports is the utter silence in the Pebble campaign page on Kickstarter. The last update was on October 27, leaving many supporters wondering if their contributions are in vain. Delivery is due January but with no response to supporters’ comments in a while, i looks like the project could be on the back burner while the deal is being worked out.

A check with Pebble’s website showed that all products listed online — watches and straps — are out of stock.