Razer Game Store goes live

Gaming peripheral maker Razer has launched the Razer Game Store, a  digital distribution platform for PC games.

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GAMDIAS aims to rock gaming market

Gamdias ZeusStarted in 2012, GAMDIAS aims to take on the big guns in gaming peripherals and be among the top three in the world. In its sight is Malaysia where it has unleashed its gaming products such as the ZEUS laser gaming mouse (right), HERMES gaming keyboard, HEPHAESTUS gaming headset, and AEGIS headset holder and cable management with four USB ports.

The company’s unique name is a combination of acronym and Latin with “GAM” standing for “Gaming Art in Motion” and “DIAS” being Latin for “god”. Together, it means “god of gaming”.

GAMDIAS provides a diverse range of gaming peripherals to all types of gamers, and owns a variety of patented features, including GAMDIAS ELEMENT of keyboard, tool-less adjustment of mouse side panels, and cooling system of headset ear cups.