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AI Innovation Day to focus on IVA

From enhancing public safety to improving customer experience, intelligent video analytics (IVA) is shaping the way videos are used for more informed decision-making. The technology is the focus of AI Innovation Day, which will be held at Kent Ridge Guild House in Singapore on December 4.

HP to split

HPWhen it comes to technology companies, being big may not be the best. In the mid-1990s, IBM, then the world’s leading IT company, had to wrestle with its size. It eventually divested product lines that were deemed to have low margins to focus on software and services. Out went its printers and hard drives. In 2005, IBM sold its personal computer business, including the ThinkPad notebooks to Lenovo. And last week, it officially pulled out of the x86 server market with the sale to Lenovo.

It looks like HP is facing size challenges and taking the same route as IBM of old. While IBM slumbered, HP went on an acquisition spree, chomping up Compaq, EDS and 3Com and many others. It became the world’s top technology company with revenues exceeding US$100 billion.

However, yesterday, HP announced plans to split into two companies — HP Enterprise to focus on enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services businesses, and HP Inc, which will concentrate on the PC and printing businesses.