AI Innovation Day to focus on IVA

From enhancing public safety to improving customer experience, intelligent video analytics (IVA) is shaping the way videos are used for more informed decision-making. The technology is the focus of AI Innovation Day, which will be held at Kent Ridge Guild House in Singapore on December 4.Organised by NVIDIA, the event will feature keynote speakers who will talk about the technologies driving IVA and the benefits of IVA.

The keynote speaker is Dr Chng Zhenzhi, Director of National AI Office, who will share about Singapore’s National AI Strategy, the nation’s advantages and approach to AI, and the government’s plans to embark on five National AI Projects and build the AI ecosystem.

Other speakers include Dr Ettikan Karuppiah, Director, Developers Ecosystem, SEA and ANZ of NVIDIA; Paul Chong, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Certis (Industry); and Sunil Gupta, APAC Chief Technology Officer and Solution Lead (Telecom and Media Industry) of HP Enterprise.

AI Innovation Day is sponsored by HPE and supported by Ghost Robotics, iCetena, Nodeflux, Reorder, Unleash, Vi Dimensions, Xjera Labs, and XR Vision.

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