NVIDIA to acquire Mellanox

NVIDIA has reached a US$6.9 billion agreement to acquire Mellanox, a supplier of end-to-end Ethernet and smart interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. Continue reading “NVIDIA to acquire Mellanox”


NVIDIA GPU accelerators powering ARM64 HPC systems

E4 EK003
The E4 EK003 dual-motherboard server appliance features two Tesla K20 GPU accelerators

Server vendors are leveraging the performance of NVIDIA graphics processor unit (GPU) accelerators for 64-bit ARM development systems for high performance computing (HPC).

ARM64 server processors were primarily designed for micro-servers and web servers because of their extreme energy efficiency. Coupled with GPU accelerators using the NVIDIA CUDA 6.5 parallel programming platform, they can now tackle HPC-class workloads.

GPUs provide ARM64 server vendors with the muscle to tackle HPC workloads, enabling them to build high-performance systems that maximise the ARM architecture’s power efficiency and system configurability.

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