NVIDIA brings GeForce 10-series GPUs to notebooks

NVIDIA Technical Marketing Manager John Gillooly (front left) and GeForce Product Manager Gaurav Agarwal addressing the gathering of APAC editors in Bangkok.

Hot on the heels of its recently-launched GeForce 10-series, NVIDIA has brought that same Pascal generation of GeForce power and performance to notebooks.

At an APAC Editors’ Day held in Bangkok, NVIDIA shared the capabilities that these notebook GPUs bring as well as gave the editors an opportunity to try out the virtual reality features on HTC Vive headsets.

The new GeForce GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060 GPUs for notebooks, providing gamers with a quantum leap forward in performance and power efficiency on the world’s fastest-growing gaming platform.

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Bringing desktop gaming power to the notebook

Members of the press checking out gaming notebooks powered by the GTX 980.
At the regional press conference in Singapore, members of the press had the opportunity to check out gaming notebooks powered by the GTX 980.

Mobile gamers have always had a performance trade-off on their gaming notebooks. No matter how powerful the GPU is, it’s always a tad slower than its desktop cousin. But, not anymore!

NVIDIA has announced the GeForce GTX 980 for the notebook, giving mobile gamers nearly the same GPU performance they get on their desktop gaming PCs.

Built on the Maxwell architecture, the GPU can run the latest games, power multiply screens and even support VR. Aorus, ASUS, MSI, and Clevo are among the notebook vendors that will be rolling out gaming notebooks packed with this GPU in the coming days.


NVIDIA updates mobile line-up with GeForce GTX 960M and 950M

NVIDIAIt was only a matter of time before NVIDIA updates its GTX 900M line-up. The GeForce GTX 960M and 950M are designed for lean and thin gaming notebooks.

They come with the same features found in the higher-end chips — BatteryBoost, ShadowPlay, Optimus, and DirectX 12 support.

Notebooks sporting the new GPU include those from Acer, Alienware, Asus, Clevo, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Razer,

More power and better performance with new NVIDIA GeForce 800M

The Razor Blade packs the GeForce GTX 870M.
The Razor Blade packs the GeForce GTX 870M.

NVIDIA has launched its GeForce 800M line-up of notebook GPUs that deliver up to 60 percent performance improvement over the previous generation.

The new mobile GPUs sport a multitude of new features designed just for gamers, first of which is NVIDIA Battery Boost, which delivers up to double the gaming battery life.

Instead of pushing every notebook component to its max, Battery Boost targets a user defined frame rate, such as 30 FPS. The driver level governor takes over and operates all system components, including CPU, GPU, and memory at peak efficiency, while maintaining a smooth, playable experience.

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New NVIDIA GeForce 700M GPUs extend battery life, enhance performance, enrich experience

GeForce 700MFive new NVIDIA notebook GPUs deliver a trifecta of technologies that seamlessly and automatically maximise a consumer’s notebook performance and experience. With no effort or input from the notebook user, the technologies work in the background to save battery life, enhance performance and enrich the visual experience — providing the best notebook experience the GPU can deliver. They include:

  • New NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 technology, which intelligently adjusts GPU clock speed to maximise graphics performance.
  • NVIDIA Optimus technology, which enables extra-long battery life by switching the GPU on and off so it runs only when needed.
  • GeForce Experience™ software, which adjusts in-game settings for the best performance and visual quality specific to a user’s notebook and keeps GeForce drivers up to date.

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