India external storage market dips 4.7% in Q4

India’s external storage market dropped 4.7 percent year on year to US$74.1 million in Q4, according to IDC.

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ZTE unveils world’s first flexible reconfigurable terabit router

ZTEZTE has unveiled the world’s first flexible reconfigurable terabit router to enable customers to build the highest-performance broadband networks.

The terabit router supports the deployment of multiple line cards with processing capability of 10 gigabits per second to 1T, and modules that offer scalable throughput of 200G to 18T. To enable convenient installation in a wide variety of environments, the flexible interfaces and loose-coupled component design of the router allow customers to configure networks that are customised for their needs, promoting adaptability, consistency and continuity.

The superior performance of the terabit router is built on two proprietary ZTE technology solutions, cloud routing and intelligent system resource scheduling. Cloud routing builds system control plane based on distributed modular technology to ensure efficient network resource utilisation, offering network scalability and support for simultaneous deployment of multiple transmission protocols. Intelligent system resource scheduling enables physical and logic system resource sharing and flexible scheduling to ensure automatic matching of system load and resource allocation, driving superior power-consumption performance of 0.8W/Gbps.

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ZTE launches one-key upgrade

ZTEThe new solution will help operators overcome technical and time constraints during the traditional core network upgrade process, improving network efficiency by 50 percent. It marks a new era in automatic core network operations and maintenance.

The one-key upgrade solution enables remote and automatic mass operations for telecommunications operators. It also minimises operational failure brought by traditional manual operations and optimises work efficiency during the network upgrade process, saving cost on time and staffing. The new solution will be commercialised globally soon.

“This new solution is a significant step forward for intelligent network upgrades,” said Liu Jianhua, Core Network Product Line Manager of ZTE. With this one-key upgrade, we can help operators solve operations and maintenance costs and increase efficiency.”