Making autonomous vehicles more perceptive

Training neural networks to read human behaviour for safe self-driving.
Training neural networks to read human behaviour for safe self-driving.

Perceptive Automata, a startup which had its beginnings in Harvard University, is leveraging deep intelligence to give human intuition into autonomous vehicles. The technology will be able to observe body language of pedestrians and react accordingly to enable safer self-driving.

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Safer self-driving car tests with NVIDIA Drive Constellation

A number of self-driving cars sporting NVIDIA’s autonomous driving technologies were present at GPU Technology Conference in San Jose this week. However, none was available for a test drive — a sensible move by NVIDIA in the light of the fatal Uber self-driving car accident the week before.

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Chery to pop NVIDIA-powered ZP ProAI system into autonomous vehicles

China carmaker Chery has adopted the new ZP ProAI system, powered by NVIDIA Drive AI self-driving technology, for its autonomous vehicles. The move will bring Level 3 autonomous driving to the world’s biggest auto market.

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Renovo Coupe zooms ahead with NVIDIA DRIVE

Renovo Motors Coupe CockpitElectric cars may not be common in Asia at the moment but Renovo is giving a foretaste of the capabilities with the Renovo Couple, the first all-electric American supercar.

The 500-horsepower Coupe includes a cockpit concept designed in collaboration with NVIDIA using NVIDIA DRIVE Studio software, with its cockpit powered by the new NVIDIA Tegra X1, the first mobile super chip with over one teraflops of processing power. The all-digital instrument cluster and 11.6-inch touchscreen in the center stack make the Renovo Coupe the world’s first vehicle to feature the NVIDIA Tegra X1 technology.

Those attending CES can catch the car at the NVIDIA booth #30307 at CES, till January 8. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to make do with the knowledge for now.