New NVIDIA SHIELD made to game

SHIELDFirst, there was the SHIELD portable. Then, the SHIELD Tablet. Today, at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, NVIDIA has unveiled its third SHIELD, an Android TV console that delivers video, music, apps. and amazing games to the home.

Built on Android TV, SHIELD can play top-quality 4K video content, includes one-click access to Google Voice Search and provides the richness of Android’s app ecosystem.

The sleek device comes loaded with NVIDIA technologies, including the recently launched NVIDIA Tegra X1 mobile superchip. It can also access the NVIDIA GRID game-streaming service, which is powered by GeForce GTX supercomputers in the cloud.

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NVIDIA SHIELD may go underwater with US Navy submarines

SHIELD droneThe NVIDIA SHIELD gaming console may be designed with gamers in mind but the US Navy is considering using the device in its nuclear submarines.

Instead of manipulating avatars, SHIELD may be used in navigating submarines. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? After all, SHIELD is already used to fly drones (see video, right).

For more than a decade, the US Navy has been putting off-the-shelf tech into its submarines’ sonar systems. The Navy can swap this gear in and out fast so sailors always get the most advanced stuff.

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Gaming, datacentre & cloud and mobile drive NVIDIA growth in Q2

NVIDIANVIDIA has posted sterling results in Q2, driven by strong growth in gaming, datacentre and cloud, and mobile.

Q2 revenue hit US$1.10 billion, up 13 percent from $977 million a year earlier. Revenue for the first half was up 14 percent to a record US$2.21 billion from US$1.93 billion a year earlier.

“We had a great quarter with strong gains in each of our three growth areas – gaming, datacentre and cloud, and mobile,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, President and Chief Executive Officer of NVIDIA. “Our Tesla datacentre business is in high gear, benefiting from strong demand from cloud service providers, and our new SHIELD tablet is generating considerable excitement.  NVIDIA’s accelerating growth stems directly from investments in extending our visual computing leadership to the mobile-cloud revolution.”

NVIDIA adds another SHIELD — an 8-inch tablet for gamers!


The new incarnation of the NVIDIA SHIELD has arrived but it comes in a different form factor, albeit an exciting one for gamers.

The SHIELD tablet and the SHIELD wireless controller combine to take mobile gaming to another level. Together, they sport and leverage a variety of NVIDIA technologies, such as SHIELD, NVIDIA Tegra K1,  DirectStylus 2, ShadowPlay, GameStream, and GRID cloud gaming.

Let’s talk about the SHIELD tablet first. Designed and built by NVIDIA, it is a high-performance tablet powered by the NVIDIA Tegra K1 advanced mobile processor and supplemented by regular, over-the-air software upgrades that bring new capabilities and levels of performance.

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Simply amazing! 4K and G-SYNC make gaming a dream come true

NVIDIA Gamer's Day crowdIt’s Dragon Boat Festival, a public holiday in Taiwan but instead of choosing to run off for the holidays, hundreds of young gamers made a beeline to ATT where NVIDIA held the NVIDIA Gamer’s Day as a run up to Computex, which starts tomorrow.

From the moment the event kicked off at noon, there was no holding back the enthusiasm as the crowd checked out the latest and greatest in gaming technologies such as 4K monitors, G-SYNC, GameStream, ShadowPlay, SHIELD, GeForce GTX 700 series GPUs, and GeForce GTX 800M series-enabled notebooks. They took photos, touched, played with, and experienced the gaming devices first hand. Watch Dogs, AC4 Black Flag and Daylight were among the games on offer.

A team of five amateur gamers blew aside all the competition by winning six consecutive games to take home a whopping US$10,000.

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NVIDIA releases new drivers, GeForce Experience and SHIELD software upgrade

NVIDIANVIDIA has released new drivers built on DirectX11 to offer enhanced performance, a version of GeForce Experience packed with new features, and an over-the-air (OTA) software upgrade for SHIELD.

The new 337.50 Beta driver delivers up to 71 percent faster gaming performance, including Call of Duty: Black Ops II (up 20 percent), Sleeping Dogs (31 percent), and Alien vs. PredatorTotal War: Rome 2, and Sniper Elite v2 (more than 40 percent).

Along with the new 337.50 Beta driver, GeForce Experience 2.0 now includes the ability to optimise more than 150 games. It brings two signature features to notebooks for the first time. Shadowplay, which allows gamers to capture their gaming exploits with little hit to frame rates, and share them on platforms such as live-streaming video service Twitch, and GameStream, which allows gamers to stream games and enjoy them on the go.

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Everyone gets an NVIDIA Shield at GTC 2014

NVIDIA Shield at GTC

Oprah Winfrey has done it. So has Ellen Degeneres. Jen-Hsun Huang got into the act too by giving all GTC 2014 participants an NVIDIA Shield. At the end of his keynote address on March 25, the NVIDIA CEO made the announcement to gasps and shrieks of joy from the audience. Those who were unable to be at the event can get the handheld Android device for US$199 for a limited period.

Queue for Shield

More power and better performance with new NVIDIA GeForce 800M

The Razor Blade packs the GeForce GTX 870M.
The Razor Blade packs the GeForce GTX 870M.

NVIDIA has launched its GeForce 800M line-up of notebook GPUs that deliver up to 60 percent performance improvement over the previous generation.

The new mobile GPUs sport a multitude of new features designed just for gamers, first of which is NVIDIA Battery Boost, which delivers up to double the gaming battery life.

Instead of pushing every notebook component to its max, Battery Boost targets a user defined frame rate, such as 30 FPS. The driver level governor takes over and operates all system components, including CPU, GPU, and memory at peak efficiency, while maintaining a smooth, playable experience.

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NVIDIA Shield to ship on July 31

NVIDIAIt’s official! NVIDIA has informed those who pre-ordered the NVIDIA Shield gaming portable that the product would be shipped to US and Canada customers on July 31. This is more than a month off its original targeted shipping date.

The delay was attributed to mechanical issues from a third party component. There is no news of its availability elsewhere in the world.

NVIDIA drops price of SHIELD to US$299

NVIDIA ShieldNVIDIA has done something quite unheard of — dropping the price of a pre-ordered product just a week before shipping. According to a NVIDIA blog post, “we’ve heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was US$299, we’d have a home run. So we’re changing the price of SHIELD to US$299”.

All pre-orders will be charged the new price of US$299 when the product ships.

“We want to get SHIELD into the hands of as many gamers as possible. That’s because we think they’ll have the same reaction to it as thousands of gamers already have: joy,” said NVIDIA Product Manager Jason Paul.

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