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NVIDIA CEO to deliver GTC 2020 keynote on May 14

Huang to make announcements in keynote address.If things had gone as originally planned, NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) would have been done and dusted by now. But the coronavirus has forced the conference to go digital with NVIDIA Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang set to deliver his keynote address on May 14, 9pm (Singapore time).

The age of AI in radiology is here

NVIDIA’s Kimberly Powell speaking at EmTech Asia.

Speaking with a passion of an artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare evangelist, Kimberly Powell declared that the age of AI in radiology is here. And she has earned the right to say that because she has been championing this since she joined NVIDIA 11 years ago.

3D printing market to cross US$35b in 2020

IDC3D printing continues to gain traction globally and the market is expected to more than double to reach US$35.4 billion in 2020, according to IDC.

While 3D printers and materials will represent nearly half the total worldwide revenues throughout the IDC forecast, software and related services will also experience significant growth.

Revenues for computer-aided design (CAD) software are forecast to triple over the five-year forecast period while the market for on-demand parts services will nearly match this growth. The gains in both software and on-demand parts printing are being driven by the rapidly expanding use of 3D printing for design prototyping and products that require a high degree of customization in non-traditional environments.

Lithium-ion battery revenue to quadruple by 2020

frost and sullivanMany technologies have come and gone — replaced by new innovations. But, in the midst of the technological changes, one unsung technology remains and is expected to be in even greater demand in the years ahead.

We’re talking about the lithium-ion battery which powers most of today’s devices. In fact, it is innovation that makes the battery highly popular — beyond gadgets and computer wizardry to other industries

According to Frost & Sullivan, the global lithium-ion battery market is expected to quadruple from 2013 to 2020. Developing applications in the grid and renewable energy storage segment are helping boost demand for lithium-ion batteries.