Palo Alto Networks launches zero trust solution for healthcare IoT devices

Palo Alto Networks has introduced its Medical IoT Security zero trust security solution for medical devices. The solution will enable healthcare organisations to deploy and manage new connected technologies quickly and securely.

Zero trust is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures an organisation by eliminating implicit trust by continuously verifying every user and device.

“The proliferation of connected medical devices in the healthcare industry brings a wealth of benefits, but these devices are often not well secured. For example, according to Unit 42, an alarming 75 percent of smart infusion pumps examined on the networks of hospitals and healthcare organizations had known security gaps. This makes security devices an attractive target for cyberattackers, potentially exposing patient data and ultimately putting patients at risk,” said Anand Oswal, Senior Vice President of Products and Network Security at Palo Alto Networks.

Through automated device discovery, contextual segmentation, least privilege policy recommendations and one-click enforcement of policies, Palo Alto Networks Medical IoT Security delivers a zero trust approach in a seamless, simplified manner. Medical IoT Security also provides best-in-class threat protection through seamless integration with Palo Alto Networks cloud-delivered security services, such as Advanced Threat Prevention and Advanced URL Filtering.

Available from January 2023, Medical IoT Security uses machine learning to enable healthcare organisations to create device rules with automated security responses, automate zero trust policy recommendations and enforcement, and understand device vulnerabilities and risk posture. It also improves compliance, veritfies network segmentation and simplies operations.

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio