The age of AI in radiology is here

NVIDIA’s Kimberly Powell speaking at EmTech Asia.

Speaking with a passion of an artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare evangelist, Kimberly Powell declared that the age of AI in radiology is here. And she has earned the right to say that because she has been championing this since she joined NVIDIA 11 years ago.The journey to AI in radiology began with a few radiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital looking to reduce the image reconstruction dosage of radiation exposure by CT scans.

That first step has since evolved to the application of AI in radiology to what Powell calls today “The age of AI in radiology”.

“We have made a huge amount of progress and applications of all kinds of radiology within the last ten years,” she said.

Last year was an inflection point for radiology with hundreds of applications receiving FDA approval.

“The regulatory system is understanding how critical this is and [AI in radiology is] showing signs of maturity,” said Powell.

The NVIDIA Vice President of Healthcare was in Singapore to speak at EmTech Asia, where she spoke on how AI is improving quality, access and cost of healthcare.

While in Singapore, she also held a fireside chat at SGInnovate in front of more than 100 researchers and developers in the field of deep learning.


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