Hiwonder unveils Qdee programmable robot

Hong Kong-based Hiwonder has launched a micro:bit-based Qdee programmable robot with infinite shapes.  Available on Kickstarter from US$39, the kit is compatible with Lego and designed to teach children about robotics.  Continue reading “Hiwonder unveils Qdee programmable robot”


Pebble pitches Time Round in silver and gold

Pebble Time Round

Pebble has introduced the new Pebble Time Round in polished gold or silver with a black bezel. Only 2,000 units of each model are available at US$199 each on Kickstarter.

Backers can get one Pebble Time Round and one Pebble 2 for US$298. The second generation of Pebble’s original device, the monochrome Pebble 2 comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and is sold individually at US$99.

More consumers buying 3D printers

Canalys3D printing has been all the rage this past year. And that’s now backed up by figures that show that this technology is gaining traction. According to Canalys, 26,800 3D printers were shipped worldwide in Q1.

What’s interesting is that while most were purchased by enterprises, 46 percent were bought by consumers, up from 43 percent last year.

“While enterprise engagement will continue to grow, it looks to be the consumer space that will drive shipments in the near future. We are already seeing significant numbers of early technology adopters and hobbyists investing in relatively cheap 3D printers. As prices continue to fall, the technology improves and use cases are tested, this trend is set to continue,” said Tim Shepherd, Senior Analyst of Canalys.

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