Mokibo Folio keyboard comes with integrated touchpad for iPad Pro

Innopresso has launched the Mokibo Folio smart keyboard with an integrated touchpad for the iPad Pro on Kickstarter.

Mokibo sports a widely-used pantograph keyboard to give the same feel as a normal laptop for fast typing.

The application of a smart mode-converting algorithm and motion-recognition technology allows the keyboard to double as a single, large touchpad, eliminating the need for a separate touchpad or mouse.

Though built for iPad Pro, Mokibo Folio also supports iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows, and can be paired with up to three heterogeneous devices.

Priced from US79, the first units are expected to be delivered in November 2020.

module for laptops

Innopresso has also completed a Mokibo module that saves the space normally allocated for a touchpad on a laptop. This allows laptop makers to produce devices that are 4.3 percent thinner and 3.9 percent lighter, and provides improved control by offering triple the area of a typical touchpad.

“Mokibo has infinite growth potential. In addition to laptops, we hope to expand its range of application, including as a smart home control device in living rooms and media controller in a self-driving car,” said Jeff Cho, CEO of Innopresso.