1Coach wearable: More than a tracker, it’s a run advisor!

SensFusion has launched 1Coach, a wearable running sensor that not only tracks but also offers training advice for improving runs.

The lightweight 1Coach can be mounted at various positions on the body to capture movement while running. Along with a dedicated app, it offers a long-term corrective solution for running.

Before workouts, 1Coach assesses overall body condition, including knee joint stability, core muscle strength and balance control. During the run, 1Coach provides instant voice feedback to correct form, just like a professional coach.

After the run, its artificial intelligence (AI) engine generates personalised training programs that not only correct running form but also strengthen muscles to prevent injuries.

“We are kind of disappointed with how today’s sports and fitness trackers work, which provide lots of data but limited value for consumers. Given our expertise and experiences, we collaborate with top sport research labs and aim at creating devices that understand and train you as a personal coach would,” said Professor Qiang Xu, Founder of 1Coach, which is now available on Kickstarter at US$79.

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