Zini Mobiles launches “world’s smallest mobile phone”

Zini Mobiles has launched the Zanco tiny t2, dubbed “the world’s smallest mobile phone” at just a tad over 6cm long. The 31g miniature phone is intended for those who need an ultra-lightweight mobile device that can handle essential daily tasks, including taking photos with it’s 2.4cm display.

Beside the phone and camera features, this tiny device sports functions such as games, calendar and music. The 3G mobile phone comes with Bluetooth connectivity and on-board storage using an SD card of up to 32 GB.

Built for active people who are on the move, it is powered by a 500mAh polymer battery that stay charged for up to seven days.

“Today, smartphones are more powerful than ever. However, their advanced features come at a price. They are heavier, fragile, and more expensive than ever. The Zanco tiny t2 was created as an affordable and function alternative for times when carrying a large primary phone is inconvenient and unnecessary,” said Shazad Talib, Founder of Zini Mobiles.

The Zanco tiny t2 is available on Kickstarter from US59.