It’s a GAG!

NVIDIA pulled a fast one on the media with the announcement of the GeForce Academy of Gaming over the weekend.

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NVIDIA makes two masterstrokes with Microsoft Surface and Nintendo Switch

NVIDIA provides the graphics grunt for both the Nintendo Switch (left) and the Surface Studio (right).
NVIDIA provides the graphics grunt for both the Nintendo Switch (left) and the Surface Studio (right).

The Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Surface Studio are two of the exciting announcements in recent weeks. While one thrilled gamers, the other is set to transform the desktop.

What both have in common are NVIDIA GPUs.

The Nintendo Switch is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra, a high-efficiency scalable processor based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.

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Oculus-ready PCs coming right up

Oculus PCsThe wait for a new way of gaming is nearly over. With the release of the Oculus Rift in March, virtual reality gaming is set to transform the way gamers interact with games. Oculus-Ready PCs from Dell, Alienware and ASUS are now available for pre-order from Best Buy, Amazon and Microsoft Stores.

Starting from US$949 when purchased with Rift, the plug-and-play PCs all feature NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs. The GeForce-based PCs feature NVIDIA’s Game Ready Drivers that provide support for the latest games and applications. They also support GameWorks VR technologies, which help reduce latency and improve performance for VR headsets, games and apps.

One of the GameWorks VR features, called Multi-Res Shading, takes advantage of NVIDIA’s multi-projection hardware architecture to deliver substantial performance improvements for VR games and apps — up to 50 percent in Unreal Engine 4.





NVIDIA releases SDKs for VR platforms

VRNVIDIA has released the 1.0 version of two powerful VR software development kits (SDKs) — NVIDIA GameWorks VR and NVIDIA DesignWorks VR — to help developers deliver VR games and applications.

Immersive VR requires seven times the graphics processing power compared to traditional 3D apps and games.


When used in conjunction with the company’s industry-leading GeForce and Quadro GPUs, these SDKs provide developers the tools to create VR experiences, increase performance, reduce latency, improve hardware compatibility, and accelerate 360-degree video broadcasts.

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Microsoft Surface a new laptop

Surface BookNotebook, tablet, 13.5-inch display, 12 hours of battery life, and a NVIDIA GeForce GPU to boot — that’s what the new Microsoft Surface Book is made of. And it certainly got the world excited as news poured out from the press briefing in New York last night.

Dubbed the “ultimate” laptop by Microsoft, the device will sell for US$1,499 for the entry level model and US$2,699 for the top-end model, which comes with 512GB and a Core i7 processor.

Past iterations of the Surface have been pitched as a tablet first but this new model is presented as a laptop first, with a screen that detaches from the keyboard to become a tablet.

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NVIDIA and Ubisoft team up for latest games

Splinter Cell BlacklistNVIDIA has formed an alliance with Ubisoft to offer PC gamers the best gaming experiences possible for Ubisoft’s biggest fall titles, including Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and Watch Dogs.

NVIDIA’s developer technology team is working closely with Ubisoft’s development studios on incorporating graphics technology innovations to create game worlds that deliver new heights of realism and immersion. One example is NVIDIA® TXAA™ antialiasing, which provides Hollywood-levels of smooth animation, soft shadows, HBAO+ (horizon-based ambient occlusion) and advanced DX11 tessellation.

“PC gaming is stronger than ever and Ubisoft understands that PC gamers demand a truly elite experience — the best resolutions, the smoothest frame rates and the latest gaming breakthroughs,” said Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President of Content and Technology at NVIDIA. “We’ve worked closely with Ubisoft’s incredibly talented creative team throughout the development process to incorporate our technologies and deliver the most immersive and visually spectacular game worlds imaginable.”

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