It’s a GAG!

NVIDIA pulled a fast one on the media with the announcement of the GeForce Academy of Gaming over the weekend.

“Today we are announcing that we are expanding our GPU Centers of Excellence to include our new GeForce Academy of Gaming. Prospective students can choose among three majors: Hardware Studies, eSports Management and Gameosophy, which will help educate prospective developers on how to make the next genre-defining title.

More than 15 online classes will start next month, with many more slated to open up later this year and cover a variety of compelling topics, including Urban Studies and Planning, the Future of AI in Gaming, and Navigating Online Linguistics.

Registration is free and all students will receive proper accreditations for transfers to nationally recognised colleges and universities.

To check out our initial catalog of classes, please visit: You can also watch the official academy announcement here:”

With a seemingly genuine website plus a specially produced Youtube video, it’s no wonder that some media lapped it up and ran the story. At least one took it seriously and signed up for the course only to receive the message (see picture).

A few discerning ones checked and discovered that it was a NVIDIA prank — all part of the fun of April Fools’ Day.

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