Microsoft Surface a new laptop

Surface BookNotebook, tablet, 13.5-inch display, 12 hours of battery life, and a NVIDIA GeForce GPU to boot — that’s what the new Microsoft Surface Book is made of. And it certainly got the world excited as news poured out from the press briefing in New York last night.

Dubbed the “ultimate” laptop by Microsoft, the device will sell for US$1,499 for the entry level model and US$2,699 for the top-end model, which comes with 512GB and a Core i7 processor.

Past iterations of the Surface have been pitched as a tablet first but this new model is presented as a laptop first, with a screen that detaches from the keyboard to become a tablet.

The NVIDIA GPU is installed in the keyboard and can run productivity apps such as Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom, and light PC gaming. But the only answer to which exact NVIDIA GPU is “given its unique implementation and design in the keyboard module, it cannot be compared to a traditional 900M series GPU.”

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