Apple shuts all stores outside Greater China

In a surprising reversal, Apple has announced that the temporary closure of all its stores outside of Greater China to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s interesting in that Apple has just re-opened its China stores.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook wrote in a statement that “though the rate of infections has dramatically declined, we know COVID-19’s effects are still being strongly felt”.

He expressed his deep gratitude to the China team for their determination and spirit and noted that what the lesson learnt has helped all at Apple develop the best practices that are assisting enormously in its global response.

“One of those lessons is that the most effective way to minimise risk of the virus’s transmission is to reduce density and maximise social distance. As rates of new infections continue to grow in other places, we’re taking additional steps to protect our team members and customers,” he said.

Based on the lesson learnt, Apple has closed all its retail stores outside of Greater China until March 27.

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