7-minute grace


Ever sent a WhatsApp message only to wish that you could delete it later? Or have you ever sent a message to a wrong chat? Well, it looks like you’re not alone because WhatsApp has introduced a delete function that lets users delete messages within seven minutes of sending.

This seven-minute grace could be a face- or even life-saver for those moments when we hit sent too quickly.

Delete only works if both the sender and recipient are using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

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Farewell, MP3!

MP3, a word that has become synonymous with audio files, has become obsolete. The Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Circuits that created the music format has terminated its licensing programme for certain MP3-related patents.

The move means that there will be no more development or support for this format. With its wide use, especially the innumerable audio files stored digitally, it’s likely to still be around for a while yet. 

Developed in the 1980s and 1990s, MP3 was popularised by the Apple iPod in 2001. It took up just 10 percent of file size, a massive advantage in the days when devices were sold in MB rather than GB.


Cloud services in India to soar to US$1.3b in 2016

GartnerCloud services are soaring in India with projected growth of 35.9 percent to hit US$1.3 billion this year, according to Gartner.

The highest growth will come from cloud system infrastructure services, which is expected to grow 45.5 percent in 2016, followed by platform as a service projected to grow 33.5 percent.

“The overall global public cloud market will mature, and its growth rate will slightly slow down from 17.2 percent in 2016 to a 15.2 percent increase in 2020. While Brexit and other growth challenges exist, some segments such as financial SaaS applications and the PaaS user markets will still see strong growth through 2020,” said Sid Nag, Research Director of Gartner.

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CSIRO first in APAC to deploy NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputers

NVIDIA Fellow David Kirk announcing the CSIRO deployment at GTCx Australia in Melbourne.

Australia’s federal research agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has become the first in Asia-Pacific to deploy the NVIDIA DGX-1 deep learning supercomputers.

Installed in CSIRO’s Canberra data centre, the two supercomputers will expand the capability of Australian scientists and broaden the science impact possibilities for the nation.

The NVIDIA DGX-1 is the world’s first deep learning supercomputer to meet the computing demands of artificial intelligence. It enables researchers and data scientists to easily harness the power of GPU-accelerated computing to create a new class of computers that learn, see and perceive the world as humans do.

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Where’s the Razer Nabu?

Razer NabuWhen Razer demonstrated the Razer Nabu at CES 2014, the media was all excited. This was a cool looking activity tracker with nifty features such as the ability to communicate band-to-band.

More than a year on and the wearable device is still not readily available. In fact, it was only sold in batches to Razer Insiders (members) in the US late last year. For the rest of the world, it’s been a long wait.

A lot has changed since the Razer Nabu was first announced. Many new offerings are available in the market, which may prompt some potential Nabu customers to switch — if they have not already done so.

Samsung Galaxy S6 ready for pre-order in Singapore

Smsung Galaxy S6The Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ (left) and Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ (right) are now available for pre-order in Singapore. Those interested can visit the following telcos’ sites:

Consumers can also visit the following Samsung Experience Stores to pre-order the Galaxy S6 4G+ (without contract) and Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ (without contract) by placing a $50 deposit per device:

  • Central: Great World City #02-39 Tel: 6235 1134, Paragon #B1-27/27A Tel: 6735 5926, VivoCity #02-28/29 Tel: 6376 9150, 313@Somerset #B2-24/25/26 Tel: 68361809, Bugis Junction  #01-54 Tel: 63387911, Chinatown Point #01-48 Tel: 62227911
  • East: Tampines Mall #02-29 Tel: 6782 9575, Bedok Mall #B1-07 Tel:67851118, Parkway Parade #02-32 Tel : 64407969
  • North: AMK Hub #B1-37/38 Tel: 6753 6070, Nex #04-42 Tel: 66367392, Causeway Point #03-12 Tel: 68911011
  • West: Jurong Point #B1-09/10/11 Tel: 6791 2272, Westgate #01-01 and #02-01 Tel: 6369 9175

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ZTE announces cloud desktop integrated solution

ZTEZTE has launched a cloud desktop integration solution based on server and PC virtualisation technology.

The solution enables users to access the cloud desktop with the terminal laptop, pad, thin terminal, netbook/cloudbook, or PC any time anywhere, by combining high-performance computing and 3D design scenarios supported by the PC-based virtualised desktop and the mobile office, flexible computing, and highly-centralised management scenarios supported by the server-based virtualised desktop.

It supports network access, multi-screen interaction, and account and application data sharing on different screens. This integrated solution takes the technical advantages of both the cloud desktop and PC desktop, and overcomes the bottleneck in the deployment of the cloud desktop. Users can access the same data disk from any of the desktops as the data can be shared.

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Managed security services market to hit US$32.9b in 2020

abi researchDriven by increasing complexity in security requirements, the global managed security services market is expected to be worth US$15.4 billion by the end of 2015 and hit US$32.9 in 2020, according to ABI Research.

Implementing and managing a successful security programme is a complex affair and most organisations lack the security expertise to manage security solutions from a wide variety of vendors. Rising threats, government regulations and a lack of internal resources are driving businesses to turn to managed security service providers which offer expertise and dedicated security personnel.

Information security incidents are on the rise as cybercriminals increase their focus on both large and small businesses. In 2014, there was a 49-percent increase in data breaches and a 78-percent increase in the number of data records stolen or lost compared with 2013. This indicates that a comprehensive IT security system is becoming increasingly necessary across the corporate, consumer, and public sectors.

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Smart glasses poised for enterprise adoption

abi researchMany may have been misled that Google Glass is dead and gone, a failed innovation. But that’s not what is happening. Google has simply retired it Glass Explorer Program and graduated Glass out of Google[x].

Smart glass is alive and well and ABI Research expects 2015 to be a big year for smart glasses with unit shipment growth of nearly 150 percent, almost of all of which will be in the enterprise and public sector.

More than 90 percent of smart glasses are expected to be sold in the enterprise or public sector for uses such as remote assistance, police and military, security, warehouse and barcode scanning, and, in the consumer space for gaming.

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ZTE pre-5G base station sets capacity record

ZTEZTE has completed pre-commercial field testing of multi-user and multi-stream transmission on a Massive MIMO (multiple input multiple output) base station, setting new records in single-carrier transmission capacity and spectral efficiency.

Using ZTE’s proprietary pre-5G multi-user/multi-stream spatial multiplexing technology, with user handsets based on existing 4G standards, the Massive MIMO base station demonstrated peak data throughput that is more than three times that of traditional base stations, and average data throughput that exceeds conventional systems by at least five times.

“Being a pre5G technology, ZTE’s Massive MIMO solution is delivering exponential advances to 4G networks without modifying existing air interfaces, making it possible for carriers to provide a 5G-like user experience on existing 4G handsets in an accelerated timeframe, ZTE successfully overcame the challenge of doing multi-user and multi-stream spatial multiplexing in a scattered-signal environment, clearing the main hurdle in the development of Massive MIMO technology,” said Xiang Jiying, Chief Scientist of ZTE.

Huawei and Red Hat collaborate on OpenStack-based cloud solutions

OpenstackHuawei and Red Hat are partnering to accelerate collaboration around OpenStack for network functions virtualisation (NFV) required by communication service providers (CSPs).

According to a survey by Infonetics Research, 93 percent of telecommunications operators plan to deploy NFV as carriers work to modernise the way telecommunications networks are built and operated. As OpenStack establishes itself as the platform of choice for NFV workloads, Huawei and Red Hat are engaging in a global partnership to cooperatively engineer carrier grade cloud solutions for CSPs.

As part of this initiative, Huawei and Red Hat aim to combine Huawei’s world class domain expertise and extensive global experience with telecommunications companies and Red Hat’s leading OpenStack and open source expertise to help CSPs embrace cloud computing with a carrier grade OpenStack solution.

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LTE handset shipment to hit 680m units in 2015

abi researchWith more 4G LTE models announced this year, shipment is set to grow by 204 million units to 676 million in 2015.

ABI Research estimates that the total number of LTE connected devices shipped worldwide will exceed 1.89 billion units by end 2019, demonstrating the need for infrastructure and spectrum to support the stellar growth in the industry.

“With the proliferation of larger screen smart devices driving up the insatiable appetites for content and faster speeds, ABI Research estimates that there will be 350 commercial LTE networks forecasted by 4Q 2014,” said Cheri Wong, Research Analyst of ABI Research.

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We are 2!

How time flies! Entelechy Asia turns two today. It’s been 24 months of bringing news and filing reports from events in Singapore and around the world.

We must say that we are having a great time doing what we like to do — learning about new technologies and writing about them.

To celebrate the occasion, we are sporting a new look which we feel is more vibrant and dynamic.

Keep on reading Entelechy Asia and tell us what you think.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G+ available for pre-order in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orderThe Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available for pre-order from telcos and the Samsung Experience Stores in Singapore with delivery from October 11.

Those interested can register their interest at:

Alternatively, those who would like to pre-order the S$1,088 phablet without a contract can do so at Samsung Experience Stores at Great World City, Tampines Mall, AMK Hub, and Jurong Point.

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ZTE unleashes 4G Qcell solution

ZTEZTE has announced the 4G Qcell solution uses cloud-based network coordination technology to overcome signaling leakage and interference. The solution supports multi-frequency and multi-mode network deployment, enabling operators to offer converged networks with superior indoor performance.

Unlike traditional DAS solutions, it implements Pico RRU network construction and power supplies through standard Ethernet cables, reducing construction difficulty and costs, and saving 60 percent of deployment time. The new solution helps operators quickly deploy low-cost and high-performance networks with integrated GSM/UMTS/LTE indoor coverage.

“ZTE’s 4G Qcell solution provides end-users with ubiquitous access to a superior network both indoors and outdoors, effectively addressing demands for both network capacity and service coverage in the 4G era. The new technology from ZTE outperforms existing solutions on the market, giving operators the advantages of large capacity, seamless coverage, rapid deployment, smooth evolution, manageability, and controllability,” said Zhang Jianguo, Vice President of ZTE.

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Huawei introduces IP Video Solution 2.0

HuaweiHuawei has launched IP Video Solution 2.0, which integrates diverse features and a new user experience to improve video business platform facilitation from Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) to Video Everywhere.

The platform is part of Huawei’s video everywhere strategy to enable video@home, video@move and video@enterprise. Over the next few years, more than 80 percent of total internet traffic will be in video format.

Leveraging cloud technology, the solution provides a disruptive new user experience by supporting 4K and Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast (eMBMS) over LTE on one convergent platform, delivering five key values for operators.

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New iPhones are bigger with Watch to come in 2015

iPhone 6It’s confirmed. The new iPhone 6 and 6 plus are bigger than their predecessors. Of course, this is not exactly news with the numerous leaks over the past weeks.

Sporting a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, the iPhone 6 is the smaller of the two and is marginally thinner than the previous incarnation. The larger iPhone 6 plus ventures into the phablet space with a 5.5-inch display. Both smartphones come with the A8 processor, a 8MP rear and 2.1MP front camera.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia are among the 15 countries where the Apple products will be first sold on September 19.

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Samsung Experience Store opens at Westgate in Singapore

samsungSamsung has opened its largest Samsung Experience Store at Westgate in Singapore. The 6,027-square foot standalone triplex store will provide give those staying in the western part of Singapore access to Samsung’s latest range of products with infotainment and educational content as well as in-store dining options.

At the store, consumers can get hands-on experience with Samsung products and see how Samsung’s range of content and services work seamlessly together.

“The Samsung Experience Store at Westgate represents our continued commitment to providing a conducive environment for consumers to try our innovative products,” said Eugene Goh, Vice President of IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

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Taxi booking app targets Hong Kong expats and tourists

TaxiwiseHong Kong startup Taxiwise Company Limited has introduced a taxi booking mobile app for expats and tourists in Hong Kong.

Called Taxiwise, the app provides passengers with an easy way to book taxi service in English or Chinese language.  For drivers, they get more quality orders without language issues, as the app automatically translates orders from English to Chinese.  Venues can book and manage multiple taxis for their clients with an easy-to-use dashboard.

The idea came about when founder Jean Marc Ly had an unpleasant experience while trying to hail a taxi. He was rejected  nine times as taxi drivers were either busy or did not understand English well. It inspired him and his two co-founders to develop a taxi booking mobile app with built-in translation, advanced booking and order matching functions.

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Power limiting progress in mobile devices

Neil TrevettPower is a big limitation in mobile devices despite improvements in battery power, according to Neil Trevett, Vice President Mobile Content of NVIDIA.

“Power is the new performance limiter. Developers need to use acceleration to preserve battery life and high performance,” he said at NVIDIA Tech Talk at SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, advanced mobile GPUs and new sensors are combining to make vision processing the next wave of mobile visual processing. NVIDIA is building a stack of advanced silicon, APIs and libraries to enable advanced mobile vision applications.

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NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 in time for Christmas

NVIDIA Tegra NoteFirst spotted at Computex, the NVIDIA Tegra Note is set to hit the shelves in Asia in December, with end November a possibility.

EVGA is already availing the EVGA Tegra Note 7 through NewEgg for just US$199 in the US. In the UK, ADVENT has started pre-orders for its Tegra Note 7.

From industry sources, Asia does not have to wait much longer — with late November and early December targets from different vendors, including HP and Gigabyte.

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kalahari.com accelerates market expansion with hybris

khybris SAPalahari.com has selected hybris Commerce Suite to power its retail vision forward, strengthen its position as an innovative market leader, and fast-track market growth selling both digital and physical goods via its online stores and marketplaces.

As Africa’s leading online retailer of electronics, toys, appliances, games and books, kalahari.com will leverage hybris Commerce Suite to respond to growth opportunities and further extend its market share in the fast growing Southern African commerce market.

Providing a true omni-channel experience, the scalability of the hybris Commerce platform will enable kalahari.com to support its rapidly expanding online operations, which include consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) retail, and deliver a feature-rich experience to a growing number of mobile shoppers. This will include selling digital goods such as eBooks, via kalahari.com’s own e-reader device the Gobii, and a large expansion of its online catalogue of digital and physical goods.

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A new chapter begins!

Welcome to Entelechy Asia which is dedicated to bringing news, views and reviews of the IT industry — from consumers to the enterprise.

Our title has two words “Entelechy” and “Asia”. Entelechy means the realisation of a potential. In many ways, every piece of hardware, software and service is the realisation of a potential. It makes things better, more efficient and more effective.

Asia is where we are based in and where we have a wealth of experience. It’s our area of strength but that doesn’t mean that we will not cover news or comment on developments outside Asia. After all, in our connected world, geographical boundaries do not exist.

Our new chapter starts today and we will bring you news as it comes.

Enjoy and we look forward to hearing from you!