Huawei makes collaboration seamless across devices

By Edward Lim

For nearly an hour tonight, Huawei certainly stayed true to the theme of its event —  “Huawei seamless AI life product launch”. It introduced a slew of products that are each impressive on its own right and deserving of the coverage that many other media will write about in the coming days.

What struck me most is the seamless sharing across devices. I am talking about Huawei Share Multi-share Collaboration which Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business declared would “bring you the best experience”.

It’s not a new development as many have written about it before but after hearing about the plan with using HarmonyOS across devices, this feature suddenly sounds much more appealing.

Just one step

Seamless collaboration is available with just one step. Imagine being able to share screens for editing and working on documents. Dragging and dropping files and photos between devices. Using the laptop to make voice and video calls while hotspotting off the smartphone.

This sharing across devices will be a boon, particularly when one is travelling (OK, it may be a while before this happens again). But, it’s just as useful while working at home or in the office.

The function is probably available only within the Huawei ecosystem. If it’s available across OS, say a non-Huawei Windows-based laptop with a Huawei smartphone, that would really make my day.

There again, you never know in this ever-changing world where relationships between countries and vendors can sometimes take a different turn overnight.





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