Baidu upgrades AI platform, starts mass producing AI chip

Baidu has launched the Baidu Brain 7.0 open AI platform and started mass producing the Kunlun II AI chip.

The newly upgraded Baidu Brain 7.0 offers greater integration of a wide array of knowledge sources and deep learning, including language comprehension and reasoning, using numerous technologies to enable output across language, voice and visual formats.

Built using seven nanometre process and equipped with Baidu’s second-generation XPU architecture, the new Kunlun II AI Chip offers two to three times more processing power than its predecessor. The chip can be applied in multiple scenarios, including cloud, terminal, and edge, and is able to empower high-performance computer clusters, biocomputing and intelligent transportation and autonomous driving.

Optimised for AI technologies such as voice, natural language processing and images, the chip supports deep learning frameworks such as Baidu’s open source platform PaddlePaddle. It can power AI applications ranging from Internet core algorithms to smart cities and smart industry.

Both Baidu Brain 7.0 and Kunlun II allow for significantly enhanced accessibility and ease of use. Together with Baidu’s PaddlePaddle, the bundled AI platform offers a diverse product system to help different types of developers use AI technology quickly and efficiently, providing a wealth of tools to simplify the development and implementation of AI in real world scenarios.

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