Baidu introduces speech to sign language interpretation using AI

Baidu AI Cloud has launched an AI sign language platform that generates digital avatars to interprete speech to hand gestures in minutes.

Part of Baidu AI Cloud’s digital avatar platform XiLing, the new offering aims to help break down communication barriers for the deaf and hearing impaired community by boosting the accessibility of automated sign language interpretation.

An AI sign language interpreter developed using the platform will be deployed at Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics Games, which starts today.

Two all-in-one AI sign language interpreters have been developed to provide one-stop solutions with a streamlined set-up process and plug-and-use features. These facilitate public service deployment in scale for a wide range of use scenarios such as hospitals, banks, airports, bus stations, and other public areas.

“With the technology enablement brought by AI, the production and operational costs of digital avatars have been reduced to a significant degree, making it possible for AI sign language to go scale and serve more deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals,” said Tian Wu, Baidu, Corporate Vice President of Baidu AI Cloud.

With the XiLing AI sign language platform and the all-in-one sign language interpreters, hearing-impaired can study or socialise online without barriers.