Pure Storage and Snowflake combine on increasing data accessibility

Pure Storage and Snowflake are partnering to develop a solution that increases data accessibility for global customers with on-premises data.

Pure Storage FlashBlade is a dynamic, high performance unified file and object platform purpose-built for modern analytics, offering real-time response for data with cloud-like agility.

Once available, Pure and Snowflake customers will be able to analyse multiple data sources on Pure Storage FlashBlade with the Snowflake Data Cloud, while keeping their data local. This lets enterprises work with data directly stored on FlashBlade object storage using Snowflake in the cloud — eliminating the need to create separate copies of data shared with other tools or workflows.

“Our collaboration with Snowflake to increase data accessibility allows us to truly meet customers where they are in their journey to the cloud, driving every organisation to become a data-driven business to reach faster outcomes,” said Rob Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Pure Storage.

“Snowflake and Pure Storage’s partnership will allow organisations to gain more value from their on-premises data while leveraging Snowflake’s analytical and governance capabilities. Our joint solution will help organisations mobilise the world’s data by eliminating silos, further bringing data together to unlock more value and deeper insights for customers,” said Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President of Snowflake.

Photo: Soumil Kumar