Juniper Networks announces Apstra Freeform

Juniper Networks has announced Apstra Freeform which lets enterprises manage and automate their data centre operations regardless of topology and protocols used.

Built from the ground up to address this new era of network operations, Apstra Freeform aims to unify experiences across vendors and automate key data centre workflows as the single source of truth for data centre configuration.

Freeform builds upon Apstra’s intent-based networking capabilities for full lifecycle data centre management to enable a reliable user experience.

“Freeform brings full control of the network design into the hands of data centre operators, giving them complete flexibility and versatility. Without topology constraints, we are truly democratising intent-based networking and allowing everyone to benefit from the best operational practices in the cloud era,” said Mike Bushong, Group VP of Data Centre Product Management at Juniper Networks.

To address ever-evolving business requirements, organisations must continue to focus on the speed and scale of their operations, all while maintaining reliability. Apstra delivers consistent, reliable data centre operations through continuously validated, intent-driven blueprints across multiple vendors.

Photo: Lars Kienle on Unsplash