SGTech and Swiss partners to drive digital trust

SGTech has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with digitalswitzerland and the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) to strengthen the connection, promote dialogue, and accelerate impactful tech initiatives between the parties, particularly in digital trust.

The partners will focus on three connection, knowledge exchange and trust. The MOU is the first partnership agreement between Singapore and Switzerland’s leading tech industry associations, which aligns with national-level efforts to work together towards greater innovation and sustainability in the sector.

The tech organisations will promote mutually beneficial bilateral connections by facilitating industry-to-industry partnerships between their respective tech ecosystems. This will be done through reciprocal invitations to relevant G2B and B2B engagements and public events, such as digitalswitzerland’s annual #herHACK female-led hackathon events and SGTech’s annual Global Future Series conference.

In addition, the organisations have committed to working together towards building and exchanging knowledge in various areas of the digital economy, including digital trust, diversity and inclusion in tech, and tech sustainability. This will be done by contributing expert interviewees and commentary on each other’s research efforts. Furthermore, they will share original thought leadership through their public communication channels.

“This MOU is another example of our shared commitment towards driving digital transformation with trust at the heart of it. SGTech and our more than 1,000 member companies look forward to strengthening our partnership and working together to create a meaningful, beneficial impact on the digital economies of both Singapore and Switzerland,” said Yean Cheong, Executive Director of SGTech.

“We aim to establish closer connections and foster greater knowledge exchange between our countries’ digital ecosystems. By leveraging each other’s strengths, expertise, and experiences, we can accelerate our digital transformation efforts and create new opportunities for innovation and growth. We are excited about the potential of this collaboration to drive meaningful impact and bring lasting benefits to our societies,” said Stefan Metzger,, Managing Director of digitalswitzerland.

“Close collaboration will enable us to actively contribute to a secure and ethical digital world by jointly promoting the Digital Trust Label in Europe and Asia. Putting together SDI and SGTech synergies is the first step towards a global movement for digital trust,” said Fathi Derder, Managing Director of SDI.

Photo: charlesdeluvio on Unsplash