Tech Data and Cloudera to help enterprises address data in motion gaps

Tech Data is partnering with Cloudera in the Asia Pacific and Japan on enabling enterprises to address data in motion gaps and securely manage their entire data lifecycle with greater flexibility from the edge to AI.

Traditional analytic solutions have limitations such as the inability to scale as data increases, making it difficult for businesses to address immediate customer needs in a timely manner, or to accurately offer promotions due to an inability to continuously monitor customer interactions. Harnessing data in motion is essential for businesses in gaining control of and leveraging data as a strategic asset.

“Edge computing is expected to be a US$208 billion business by 20231. With the rise in edge computing, enterprises require robust real-time insights and more efficient management of data lifecycles, preferable from one unified platform for ease of functioning, as well as the capabilities to tackle any data in motion gaps. Tech Data is delighted to enhance our partnership with Cloudera to empower enterprises in the region in expanding their data business opportunities,” said Bennett Wong, Vice President of Advanced Solutions – Modern Data Centre & Analytics at Tech Data Asia Pacific and Japan.

“Business stakeholders today want more real-time visibility to derive insights to make faster data-driven decisions. More importantly, they want to achieve this with the flexibility to move data at scale across any environment in a secure manner. With Tech Data as a distributor, these solutions can be better tailored for businesses given its strong expertise in solutions aggregation,” said Remus Lim, Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera.

Photo: Pixabay

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