Royal Holdings launches 3D image scanner for smartphones

Security checks have become the norm in airports, malls and many public places. While screening devices are often bulky, a more portable alternative is now available following the launch of SWORD, a mobile 3D image scanner that can be used with smartphones.

Produced by Royal Holdings Technologies, SWORD attaches like a phone cover to a Google Pixel 2 XL and Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and can be accessed and controlled via a fully customisable and dedicated app.

With the device, security agents or law enforcement personnel can scan individuals in a crowd or an approaching person of interest simply by pointing their smartphone at them — up to a distance of 40 feet.

They will be able to non-invasively determine if someone is carrying a weapon or explosive — all without the need for a physical search — and rapidly identify a person of interest.

A featureless outline of the person being scanned is displayed, instantly alerting agents to location and type of concealed weapons or explosives.

Royal Holdings employs artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly cross-check and verify weapons and explosives with its securely maintained cloud-based databases —  one for weapons and explosives, and the other for persons of interest on a watch list developed by the user.

In addition, built-in facial recognition operating in real time compares suspects to watch lists for positive identification. SWORD operates globally and features real-time location sharing and generates real-time alerts in the event of a mass shooting, terror threat, or terror attack.

SWORD can also be used to scan backpacks and handbags that are being carried or have been left unattended. It can also detect listening devices used for espionage and intelligence gathering.

“The advent of SWORD marks a paradigm shift in the safety and security sector. One portable and smart device effectively addresses the four main challenges that have been plaguing the industry in this age of mass shootings and bomb threats: portability of scanning devices; non-invasively determining if someone is concealing weapons or explosives, and if so, what type; and immediate and accurate recognition and verification of a person of interest,” said Barry Oberholzer, CEO and Co-founder of Royal Holdings.

For law enforcement and security agents, SWORD increases safety and reduces uncertainty in challenging situations. Response time to possible threats is cut to mere seconds, empowering safety and security teams with vital information they can use to proactively diffuse or contain a potential threat -– all based on previously verified data.

Protection of privacy is a fundamental consideration in the development of SWORD.  “This device will be used at mass events or places where people most likely already have a ticket. Privacy policies on those tickets apply, and in the majority of cases those policies inform people they will be subject to scanning,” said Jaromy Jannard-Pittario, COO and Co-founder of Royal Holdings.

“SWORD doesn’t store any details of a scan. We don’t build and maintain databases of specific people companies look out for — they do that themselves. We solely provide the sharply focused technology needed to identify and verify people, weapons, and explosives,” he assured.

Before consumers start thinking of buying one for their smartphone, Royal Holdings is only selling SWORD to to government agencies and corporate businesses. More than 8,000 pre-orders have been received from corporate businesses in the United States (US).

SWORD can be an essential tool for law enforcement agencies, school and university security, executive protection teams, security companies, military personnel, border patrol agents, event companies, casinos, airports, and organisations involved in risk, safety, and security management.

All businesses, law enforcement and government agencies can now pre-order SWORD for US$950 from the Royal Holdings website, with delivery expected in spring 2019. Each SWORD unit purchased requires a monthly subscription.