Security concern for wearable cameras in enterprises

As the enterprise wearable camera market continues to grow through law enforcement, field services and first responder applications due to their ability to collect evidence and record interactions, so do privacy and data protection concerns, according to ABI Research.

The research firm forecasts enterprise wearable camera shipment to reach nearly 24 million in 2022.

“Despite clear advantages to the usage of this technology, enterprises fear attacks from cybercriminals and data theft. With massive data leaks often reaching mainstream news, public concern is rising over the security of wearable camera recordings, including who has access to such footage and for how long,” said Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst of ABI Research.

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Cyber security for critical infrastructure to reach US$46b

abi researchCyber security spending for critical infrastructure will hit US$46 billion by the end of 2013, according to ABI Research. Increased spending over the next five years will be driven by a growing number of policies and procedures in education, training, research and development, awareness programmes, standardisation work, and cooperative frameworks among other projects.

The cyber protection of critical infrastructure has become the most immediate primary concern for nation states. The public revelation of wide-spread state-sponsored cyber-espionage presages an era of information and cyber warfare on a global scale between countries, political groups, hacktivists, organized crime syndicates, and civilian society – in short, to anyone with access to an Internet-connected device. 

The focus on cyber security is becoming imperative. While some industries have had highly advanced cyber-defense and security mechanisms in place for some time (such as the financial sector), others are severely lacking and only just starting to implement measures (such as energy and healthcare). The drivers for the market in related products and services are numerous, but in large part, many will be propelled by national cyber security strategies and policies.