NVIDIA CEO teases at GeForce RTX announcement

It has been two years since NVIDIA’s last major announcement at the gaming front. And NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang decided that the thousands of audience at the auditorium in Cologne and nearly a quarter million who were catching the keynote presentation on Twitch could wait a little longer.

Everyone was just waiting for the NVIDIA Co-founder to announce the next generation of GeForce cards based on the newly-minted Turing architecture. But, in his opening remarks, Huang declared that whatever has been shared about the yet-to-be-announced products are wrong.

He kicked off by talking about the revolution of the GPU, followed by the RTX technology which makes real-time ray tracing a reality 10 years ahead of time.

He even teased the audience by announcing a “revolutionary new game machine” — the DGX-1 — at US$19.95 per month for 3,000 months!

It was only some 50 slides and more than an hour later that Huang finally unveiled the GeForce RTX to cheers from the crowd — and probably even louder cheers from those who were following the proceedings online in the wee hours of the morning.

Priced from US$499, the three cards — the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070 are available for pre-orders at:

All will hit the shelves on September 20.