Smartphone prices soaring

The prices of top end smartphones are going through the roof. Apple announced yesterday that its new iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage will cost a whopping US$1,449.

Suddenly, this makes the Samsung Note 9 with similar storage sound like a steal even though it is priced at US$1,249.99.

But, seriously, the cost of these smartphones are pushing the boundaries and reaching the price of business-class notebooks.

Makes one wonder how far this rise will go, especially as Apple and Samsung are seen to be the pacesetters.

The question is whether these new devices are really worth the extra bucks.

Other than the screen size and resolution as well as increased storage, there doesn’t seem to be any major upgrade over past editions that warrant the price hike.

iPhone die-hards and Samsung Note fans would probably be prepared to open their wallets for the new models. But there are many other options available now so it would be interesting to see if the new price point is acceptable to the market.