OnePlus 6T: Impressive, nifty and fun

oneplus6ttripleBy CY Lim

The OnePlus 6T has been out in the market for a couple of months now and as one who received it as a gift within the first few days of its launch, I am definitely glad I made the switch from my sluggish Oppo A77. Setting up and transferring data was a breeze especially since it was an intra-Android migration. Within an hour or so, I was ready to go.The first feature that caught my eye (and it would be difficult for anyone to miss it, really) was the futuristic screen unlock animation. Superficial as it may seem, it also got my colleagues excited and one even quipped that he was tempted to buy it.

Since the key functionality of smartphones nowadays seems to be the camera, it would be remiss of me not to mention how impressed I was with the picture quality of the OnePlus 6T. Friends have commented on the sharpness of the images and its performance under low light is commendable, though I am not a fan of the night mode which leaves the pictures overexposed. One of the first photos snapped on my OnePlus 6T was of the Singapore skyline as shown below:

The OnePlus 6T runs on OxygenOS which provides some nifty features. I found the Shelf screen, the left-most one, particularly useful as it allows me to create notes (memos) easily. It also allows you to add widgets as desired and there is a clean dashboard which displays data used, available storage, and battery status at a glance.

As there are many ways to customise the OnePlus 6T to suit your taste, I appreciate the universal settings search which has come to be expected of newer Android phones. Another fun feature I enjoyed about this phone is that I can turn it to silent mode (and toggle between the three different modes) easily with the alert slider on the right edge of the phone.

For more cool tips and tricks on how to use your OnePlus 6T, check out Pocket-lint’s listicle.

Over all, the OnePlus 6T is a great buy and a phone I am grateful to own.

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