VNPAY deploys NVIDIA DGX A100 to supercharge fintech innovations

Fintech company VNPAY is utilising the NVIDIA DGX A100 system to enable AI applications for partners and customers.

An example is the electronic-Know-Your-Customer (eKYC) service developed for Vietcombank and VietinBank. About 70 percent of the population has limited or no access to banking services. eKYC aims to support banks to improve customer experience and simplify bank account opening process.

The technology has further assisted these banks to adapt and modify their business strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing all operations to be conducted remotely, promoting customers’ general well-being by limiting physical interactions.

“Our online-account-opening service developed for banks has made it possible for people to open an account anytime and anywhere instead of going to the counter. Customers can simply download the mobile banking app, enter their phone numbers, take a photo of their IDs and faces, and the registration is completed in a few minutes. The entire process of computing and opening an account in the system takes no more than five seconds,” said Trần Trí Mạnh, Chairman of VNPAY.

VNPAY powers the mobile apps for 22 banks in Vietnam, including Agribank, BIDV, Vietcombank, and VietinBank. More than 150 million people use these apps monthly for transactions such as paying bills, transferring funds and accumulating credit.

Universal AI system

Following VNPAY’s successful experience with various NVIDIA GPU technologies, the company acquired the NVIDIA DGX A100 system, a universal system for all AI workloads.

VNPAY serves a massive number of users 24/7 in the financial services sector. This requires hardware that is capable of storing and processing huge data sets to minimise AI algorithm testing time and reduce response times for a better user experience.

“We selected the DGX A100 because of its excellent performance and capability to handle millions of tasks efficiently and securely. NVIDIA has also assisted us in our deployment request that aims for easy future expansion, optimising our return on investment. We plan to further utilise AI technology to solve more real-world problems in sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, and warehouse management to create more valuable products for customers,” said Trần.

VNPAY has also developed software applications that are optimised on NVIDIA systems and readily available as software as a service. These include applications for finance and e-commerce operations such as handwriting recognition, object and merchandise recognition in warehouse and logistics management, call centres, and virtual assistants.

AI data centre

In addition to having servers dedicated to customers with specific hardware requirements, VNPAY is collaborating with NVIDIA to build an AI data centre that operates on DGX A100. The centre will be used for testing and providing AI services for its system and customers.

“We intend to develop a long-term partnership with NVIDIA as their engineers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in software performance optimisation, which helps to increase our system performance,” said Trần.

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