MyRepublic Digital expedites order processing with Boomi platform

MyRepublic Digital has implemented the Boomi AtomSphere platform to improve real-time decision-making capabilities, efficiency and performance of its Encore cloud-native multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) platform, resulting in better experience for customers.

With Boomi’s low-code ntegration platform as a service (iPaaS), MyRepublic Digital has successfully performed automation enhancements to its Encore platform as well as enabled reusable configuration for integration with third-party vendors and partner payment gateways. This simplifies its digital ecosystem through Boomi’s vast selection of technology and application connectors.

As the digital engine behind a telecom operator’s business support systems and operations support systems as well as its customer experiences, Encore manages a multitude of live processes across order fulfilment, billing, service assurance, mobile apps and chatbots, with an API section that has surpassed 25 million transactions.

Since its initial deployment in 2019, Boomi’s API management tool has supported the growth of MyRepublic Digital’s platform with about 3.5 million transactions added per quarter as of December 2022.

“With Boomi, we’ve been able to expand the scope of our automation and increase Encore’s end-to-end order processing efficiency, which ultimately helps us deliver the frictionless experience customers expect from digital brands, For instance, we’ve observed a marked reduction in customer waiting time for modems between one and two business days, allowing us to provide faster service,” said Gary Liew, Managing Director of Platform at MyRepublic Digital.

“We appreciated how the Boomi AtomSphere Platform kept the customisation of interfaces at a minimum, which accelerated the integration process. Scalability, flexibility, and simplification to accelerate transformation are principles that both we and Boomi share, and our success together has allowed us to explore new facets of what we can deliver better,” he added.

Photo: RoseBox رز باکس on Unsplash

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