MyRepublic spins off digital transformation business

MyRepublic has spun off MyRepublic Digital to simplify and productise digital transformation for telcos and aspiring digital brands around the world.

The spin-off has launched with its Encore cloud-native, all-digital platform.

MyRepublic Digital’s product-centric approach focuses on successful business execution. Its Encore platform is pre-configured and ready out of the box, speeding up deployment times and cost-efficiencies for operators looking to enter new markets.

“With network disaggregation and nationalisation becoming commonplace worldwide, there is a growing need for operators to pivot away from infrastructure-based models and digitalise. We developed the playbooks, expertise and digital services to do that when we built MyRepublic and today we see the culmination of a decade’s worth of effort with the launch of MyRepublic Digital,” said Malcolm Rodrigues, CEO and Co-Founder of MyRepublic Group.

“As a group, we have a proven business model that would help unlock value in any telecom business and are now ready to help other similar companies do likewise. Our proven Encore digital platform and expertise are core to our capabilities and we are ready to showcase these to potential clients,” said Jason Ong, newly-appointed CEO of MyRepublic Digital.

Photo: Joshua Sortino on Unsplash