Avast launches secure Android browser

Android users have another browser option, a more secured one at that, following the release of Avast Secure Browser for Android.

Prevously available only on Windows and Mac platforms, the mobile browser is touted to “enable a safer, more private and faster browsing experience across devices and operating systems”.

At the core of Avast Secure Browser for Android is strong encryption with AES-256, ChaCha 256-bit, and the latest TLS/SSL cryptographic protocols for the data transport layer. User DNS requests are kept private and secure with multiple DNS options such as DNS over TLS, DNSSEC and decentralised DNS support. This lets users browse, shop and bank safely on any website.

Additional built-in security and privacy features include a lightning fast VPN that encrypts all inbound and outbound connections and a unique ephemeral user PIN code for device access.

Perhaps one of the best features is adblock integration, which automatically blocks online ads to speed up website load time.

“We know that our customers care deeply about security and privacy and want to be in control of their own personal data without compromising the quality of their online interactions,” said Scott Curtiss, Vice President and General Manager of Avast Secure Browser.

“Our goal is to be the first all-in-one browser to secure our users’ privacy along with a frictionless secure browsing experience. Adding support for mobile is another milestone in our journey towards this long-term goal,” he added.

Download the browser at www.avast.com/secure-browser.

An iOS version of Avast Secure Browser will be made available later this year.