Infineon teams up with Tribe on blockchain innovation

Infineon is partnering Tribe to foster innovation and collaboration in the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore.

Tribe is the first Singapore government supported blockchain ecosystem builder, which brings together government agencies, corporates and blockchain companies.

Infineon will help companies leverage the competitive advantages of its Secora Blockchain security solution, which can withstand both hardware- and software-based attacks. The hardware-based solution can only be attacked and manipulated with a very high, financially unprofitable effort.

Selected start-ups developing applications using Secora Blockchain will have the opportunity to collaborate with Infineon in time-to-market and customer development as partners at the Infineon Co-Innovation Space.

“Blockchain is moving beyond fintech into areas as diverse as logistics, brand protection, online shopping, and gaming platforms. Tribe’s OpenNodes give us access to a vibrant blockchain ecosystem and allow Infineon to showcase our Secora Blockchain security solutions,” said Goh Say Yeow, Vice President of Connected Secure Systems at Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific.

“We are honoured to be part of Tribe and are excited to collaborate with them on several fronts, such as supporting OpenNodes-led initiatives as a founding member and working with Tribe Academy to identify promising tech talents,” he added.

“As we witness a surge in industry ready solutions based on blockchain, security continues to be a key consideration and differentiator for blockchain companies. With Infineon we have a partner that is well positioned to secure blockchain applications and strengthen trust in the technology. We hope to drive Singapore’s agenda to be a hotbed for blockchain innovations and real-world application, as we continue to identify and fill the gaps in the industry,” said Joseph Lim, Head of Global Business Development at Tribe.