Watch your bin — the rubbish version!

Your rubbish bin could be a treasure trove for thieves. What you deem as garbage may contain a repository of sensitive information that could come back to haunt you.The often overlooked household item may well pose the biggest threat to your security.

“Most people don’t give the garbage bin a second thought, but it is probably one of the most important elements of a home security plan,” said Scott Cairns, Security Expert and CEO of Secure Your World, an Australia online provider of security products.

“Given the increased focus on recycling, many households now have several large garbage bins. These are often stored near the front of the home.   Unfortunately, these are also considered beacons of opportunity for thieves,” he added.

Cairns offers seven tips on minimising the threat of break-ins by better managing the use of garbage bins around the home.

  1. Keep your garbage bins tucked away near the side of the house so they can’t be seen. This reduces the opportunity for thieves to go through your rubbish bins looking for items such as credit card statements or other paperwork that identifies who you are.
  2. Lock your garbage bins up in a secure area. If you have an area where you can keep the garbage bins locked away, this is ideal. If you don’t put locks on them.
  3. Put a lock on your garbage bins.  An example is to use Igloohome smart padlocks for garbage bins. They are Bluetooth enabled and can be opened with a code. Using an app you can send PIN codes to your friends, family or others to enable use on a one time or as needed basis.
  4. If you put a number on your bin to help identify it, never include your name.
  5. Put your rubbish bins out for collection on the day they are collected and put them back into the yard as soon as they are emptied. Leaving your bins out tells thieves that you are not home. Get a neighbour to put them away for you if necessary.
  6. Never leave packaging for new purchases near or hanging out of your garbage bin. This tells thieves you have new items worth stealing in your home
  7. Install motion sensor security cameras all around your home including near your garbage bins. Get cameras that are connected to an app so you can view your home at any time on your phone. Security cameras are the best deterrent. Not only do they reduce the incidence of break-ins, they also help to reduce the cost of your home insurance bills. Many insurers will discount premiums if security cameras are installed.

“By being more vigilant with your garbage bins, you can help minimise the threat of a break-in. Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Statistics also show that of all break-ins, nearly 30 percent are not successful because the thieves are interrupted or unsuccessful in their attempt,”  said Cairns.


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