hybris partners SingPost for e-commerce fulfillment

burghardt-groeberMultichannel commerce and communication software leader hybris has teamed up with SingPost for e-commerce fulfillment in Singapore.

“What this means is that customers who are going into e-commerce can take our suite of solutions as well as leverage the strengths of our partners such as SingPost for key parts of their operations such as warehousing, delivery and customer clearance,” Burghardt Groeber, Vice President for Asia, hybris told Entelechy Asia in an exclusive interview.

According to him, Southeast Asia is interesting as there are different countries with different laws, customs, geographical size and reach, languages, currencies and taxes.

Singapore is a great hub for Southeast Asia with strong players for the ecosystem.

“For companies who are planning to set up their e-commerce store, they need the right kind of ecosystem – such as the right partners to help with local and international or multi-market logistics, warehousing capabilities, order fulfilment, and custom clearance,” said Burghardt.


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