Voodoo opens Singapore and Japan offices

Thanks to Afif Kusuma for sharing their work on Unsplash.

Mobile games publisher Voodoo has expanded to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with the opening of offices in Singapore and Japan.

These moves come on the back of a successful start to the year for the France-headquartered company. With half of the gaming market located in APAC, the new offices will bring Voodoo closer to casual gamers in the region.

They will enable the company to maximise opportunities in distributing localised and adapted games in the region and broadening the reach of the companies publishing strength.

Entertaining the world

Voodoo’s APAC offices will operate as an extension of its publishing capability, working with local studios to coach on how best to optimise, monetise, and market their games. Having direct presence will also allow developers to work transparently with Voodoo publishing managers.

“We are thrilled to be moving into the APAC region, not only to accelerate our growth in this critical region but also to bring our publishing expertise and unlock international reach for many of the innovative gameplays emerging from this part of the world. We remain focused on our mission to find, help, develop, and publish all the great games that can entertain the world,” said Julian Corbett, APAC President of Voodoo’s regional headquarters in Singapore.

Founded in 2013, Voodoo publishes and develops casual mobile games on both iOS and Android platforms. It has launched more than 100 mobile games, reached over a billion users worldwide.


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