Annke unveils full colour night vision security cameras

Annke has launched ACE true full color night vision security cameras that features NightChroma to turn night into day.

The NC400 and NCA500 NightChroma Series devices display true full colour pictures at ultra clarity even in 0.0005 lux darkness without any ambient lighting, or even zero lux with the built-in supplement light. They deliver stunning and colour-rich footages anytime of the day.

The NC400 is a 4MP ACE true full colour night vision PoE IP camera that can be integrated with Annke NVRs or third-party NVRs for 24/7 record with just one single Ethernet cable. It can funcation as a standalone by plugging to an outlet and be connected to the router with a network cable.

Also producing Super HD images is the NCA500, which can be connected to an Annke DVR for 24/7 record.

The NC400 and NCA500 are available at a discounted price of US$97.50 and US$67.50 respecitvely with free shipping.