China Mobile Hong Kong launches world’s first converged TD-LTE/LTE FDD network

The start of Hong Kong’s first TD-LTE/FDD LTE converged network ushered in a new age in the city’s 4G telecommunications market, and unleashed vital impetus to propel the development of TD-LTE services globally.

Chairman of China Mobile Hong Kong, Tiger Lin, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sean Lee, and ZTE Vice President Zhang Jianguo officiated at a large-scale press conference in Hong Kong today to introduce the new service. Live demonstrations showcasing the high-speed data download capabilities of TD-LTE and LTE FDD networks and the seamless hand-over between TD-LTE and FDD LTE networks for online video transmission were conducted at the event.

China Mobile Hong Kong, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile, acquired spectrum in the 2330MHz-2360MHz band for TD-LTE services in February 2012. On July 19, it announced a partnership with ZTE and Ericsson for the construction of the TD-LTE network offering dual-mode connectivity with existing FDD LTE services, giving subscribers a higher-quality 4G user experience and a more robust service.

“ZTE is a world-leading vendor for LTE equipment, with solid experience in network construction across the globe,’’ said Sean Lee, Director and CEO of China Mobile Hong Kong. “We thank ZTE for their speedy completion of TD-LTE network planning work, enabling us to fulfill our commitment to roll out the converged network service commercially by year-end. We look forward to even better cooperation with ZTE in future network construction and operation.”

“The commercial operation of China Mobile Hong Kong’s TD-LTE/FDD LTE converged network in Hong Kong marks a new milestone in the development of LTE technology, and helps to build strong momentum in the industry,” said Zhang of ZTE. “We are grateful to the support and recognition of ZTE’s work from China Mobile Hong Kong and other operators. As a leading LTE equipment vendor globally, ZTE is committed to develop our LTE technology through innovation, and build enhanced solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.”


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