Hong Kong electronic inventions take centrestage at coming Electronics Fair & ICT-Expo

HKSTPCThree incubation companies of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) will be showcasing their electronic inventions in the concurrent events of Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the International ICT-Expo held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 13 to 16.

Two of the inventions will have patent registered pending innovations at the “Invention Zone”.

“IP protection is conducive to technological advancement. We thus are keen to offer services and aid funding for our incubation companies in patent application, including free chat with legal experts. We are proud that two companies under our Incu-Tech Programme are selected to exhibit in the ‘Invention Zone’, in which many of the inventions are patent registered or pending.  With the valuable opportunity to promote their patented technology at the exhibition, we trust our incubatees can be well connected to industry practitioners and fasten their phase of commercialisation,” said Ir Allen Yeung, Vice President of Business Development and Technology Support of HKSTPC.

Time correctionNew Time-Correction Method For Analogue Quartz Timepieces
Novelin Limited will be showcasing a technology tailored for analogue quartz timepieces. Patented in Europe, the United States and China, the microcontroller unit (MCU) uses infrared light to define and control the specific function of the hour, minute and second hands, which keeps the clock movement running at a precise and constant rate. The common market practice involves punching a high precision hole on the gear for time correction. The new technology saves more than half of the production cost.

Traditionally, analogue timepieces are gear driven that the components move together to display time and calendar.  Manual adjustment is  required at the start and end of each month and summer/winter time for accurate display. With the MCU, automatic adjustment can be achieved. 

Fun image
City Image Technology Ltd has developed an innovative 3D photo creation system that is ideal for theme parks and tourist attractions. Tourists just need to take a stereo image (two views) which the system can instantly convert into an auto-stereoscopic image (eight or more view angles).  This significantly simplifies and shortens the conversion process from stereo image (two views) to a mixed multi-views image (3D lenticular printing) one, enabling consumers to enjoy the fun of instant 3D photo-taking.  Patent will be applied in Hong Kong and China. 


Valta Energy Management System
Liricco Technologies Ltd’s Valta system allows individuals to control and monitor any electrical device in their home or office with an iPhone or web app. A study by the US Department of Energy shows that standby power accounts for up to 10 percent of a typical home’s energy usage. The valta socket is equipped to accurately measure the standby power of any device plugged into it.  With intelligent and intuitive software, the valta system sends notifications to a user’s iPhone or web app, alerting the user to turn off unused devices, helping to save energy and money. Users can schedule events, set timers or turn multiple devices on/off, to bring saving and convenience to their everyday life.  For instance, users can set a timer for coffee in the morning without keeping the coffeemaker in “standby” mode overnight.


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