ZTE and Easymeeting.net to develop videoconferencing solutions

ZTEZTE and Easymeeting.net have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and release several major videoconferencing R&D initiatives in the next 12 to 18 months.

The videoconferencing industry is experiencing a huge shift from complicated high-cost solutions towards highly-scalable cloud-based software coupled with affordable hardware. The partnership between ZTE and Easymeeting.net will expedite the transition by making videoconferencing more affordable and simple to use.

ZTE’s depth of knowledge and experience with enterprise communication technology is a perfect match for Easymeeting.net whose focus is on providing innovative and disruptive services to the mass market.

“The market is ready to experience the next generation of easy-to-use videoconferencing services, which do not require a large upfront investment or technical support when setting up a video meeting,” said Evan J Andriopoulos, CEO of Easymeeting.net. “I strongly believe that the mass business to business market will choose to use videoconferencing services over travelling to locations for meetings once the solutions become easy enough to use, scale and deploy.”

A leader in easy-to-use videoconferencing, Easymeeting.net is based in Tromsø, Norway and has its North American Headquarters in Mystic, Connecticut.

With its partnership with Easymeeting.net, ZTE looks to establish a global footprint for its video conferencing systems.

“We are proud to be able to work with an innovative company like ZTE who shares our vision for videoconferencing and video meetings. This partnership is a huge step forward for videoconferencing as it will make it available to a larger market independently of device preferences – tablet, phone, PC/MAC or a video conferencing system,” added Andriopoulos.

“We see Easymeeting.net as one of the most important players in the next generation of videoconferencing,” said Forrester Huang, CEO of ZTE Nordics. “We are very impressed with the emphasis Easymeeting.net puts on user experience and believe their services offer great value for current and potential videoconferencing users.”