Samsung Galaxy Note 3 available in HK on Sep 25

Galaxy Note 3The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available in Hong Kong on September 25. Coming in black and white, the suggested retail price of the 3G and 4G LTE versions are HK$5,998 andHK$6,198 respectively.

The phablet packs innovative features where users can enjoy captivating viewing experience on the 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLDED screen that offers a stunning and divine viewing experience with a clear canvas for content creation. It also comes with an enhanced S Pen and multitasking features.

“Some people may often feel that the latest gadgets out there offer a contradicting feeling to our users because while you’re very engaged with your product, you tend to neglect the things around you. With the latest Galaxy Note 3, you will be able to enjoy a delightful mobile experience that brings passion to life,” said Yiyin Zhou, Director of Telecom Business, Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Limited.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sports a premium look and feel that distinguishes itself from just an ordinary phone. This includes a textured-touch back cover, along with delicate stitching on the side to fine- tune its details. The design is also topped up with a serration pattern on the side of the device that adds a timeless and enduring tone. It will come in black and white, allowing users of different personality and taste to choose a color that best reflects their persona. Users can also purchase exchangeable back covers in dozens of additional colours.

The new S Pen brings users back into time when note-taking was such an integral part of lives. However, a classic touch with a modern twist allows users to accomplish daily tasks with just one click. It can be fully utilised with its impeccable functional design with essential input and control features. Users can manoeuvre around the device with the S Pen and conduct routine tasks at a faster and more enjoyable speed.

One simple click on the S Pen button will turn users’ digital lifestyle up a notch with the brand new Air Command function. With a single click, a palette of five powerful features will allow users to work effortlessly between screens, menus and applications without having to toggle between screens and look up different menus.

In addition to the Air Command functions, users can now enjoy Enhanced Easy Clip to neatly crop out exactly what is needed by roughly drawing around it. Easily remove the image background from any screen by artistically cropping an image with Easy Clip. Users will no longer have to deal with clumsy image editing and awkward images.

My Magazine is also pre-installed, offering a personalised in-the-moment content experience where users can personalise their news, entertainment and social media feed. This application is developed through partnership with Flipboard, offering an integrated platform for users to experience a modern and dynamic magazine-style content consuming experience.

The Galaxy Note 3 is now packed with enhanced multitasking capabilities where users can make full use of the larger screen. Users can now enhance their efficiency on Galaxy Note 3 with the new Multi Window function. Instead of having to open and close new windows and pages, you can now toggle seamlessly between applications and pages across programs. Users can also run a single application on two windows at the same time, such as sending an instant message through ChatON while reading a message from another friend on the same program.

With the larger screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 did not get bulkier. Instead, it is now slimmer and lighter with only 8.3mm in thickness and 168g in weight. It comes with a longer lasting battery with 3,200mAh allowing for an unprecedented user experience that lasts.

Samsung is now offering a new concept device that allows users to stay connected and live in the moment. Galaxy Gear is Galaxy Note 3’s companion, notifying users with previews of incoming messages and the Smart Relay feature allows users to view full content on their screen by just simply picking up their Galaxy Note 3.