NVIDIA GRID brings visual computing capabilities to Australia

NVIDIABusinesses across Australia can now deploy graphics-accelerated virtual desktops to their employees – cost-effectively, anywhere and on any device – with the adoption of NVIDIA GRID technology by leading technology partners.

Servers from Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM and others are now incorporating NVIDIA GRID into their desktop virtualisation solutions. Combined with enterprise virtualisation software from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware, these solutions can deliver GPU-accelerated applications and desktops to engineers, designers, architects, product design teams and special-effects artists throughout Australia.

Melbourne-based Xenon Systems was appointed as the first NVIDIA GRID Demo Centre for Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. 

NVIDIA GRID technology enables employees to use their own notebooks and portable devices to access all their office productivity and design applications virtually – just as they would at their desks, as long as they are connected via the internet.

Prior to NVIDIA GRID, desktop virtualisation technologies were limited by performance and compatibility constraints that severely compromised applications for building information management, product-lifecycle management and video-photo editing. Even the user experience of Microsoft Windows was limited.

The emergence of NVIDIA GRID technology has signaled the beginning of a new era in visual cloud computing. This is particularly relevant in markets such as Australia that have been fast to adopt desktop virtualisation and where companies rely on geographically dispersed teams that can take advantage of the work efficiency, data consolidation and IT security that a virtual desktop can provide. The missing element, until the introduction of NVIDIA GRID, had been the ability to deliver to users an experience that includes interactive graphics, which is critical for designers, engineers and artists to do their best work.

Recent announcements such as the IBM Flex, HP WS460c Gen8 and Fujitsu Celsius R930 bring the total number of NVIDIA GRID-enabled server platforms to 25.

NVIDIA is showcasing “Full Virtualised Experience Powered by NVIDIA GRID” at booth #A17 at vForum in Sydney Exhibition & Convention Centre on October 21 and 22. Also visit NVIDIA partners Cisco at booth #D14, Xenon at booth#A05 and the VMWare demo booth.



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