ZTE partners NGMN on converged network management services

ZTEZTE has announced a strategic commitment to provide enhanced converged operations capabilities as a member of the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN). ZTE is collaborating with both its customers as well as NGMN, an alliance led by 22 of the largest international mobile network operators, via its Next Generation Converged Operations Requirements (NGCOR) project in order to meet and exceed current industry needs.

ZTE’s goal in the partnership is to help eliminate technical barriers caused by vendor incompatibilities, reduce network complexity, and minimize operations and maintenance costs.  Based on years of system analysis, ZTE has planned a set of unified OSS platforms with unified interface standards to support converged network management. Once the platform is established, ZTE estimates the unified and centralized database will decrease the number of interfaces by 80 percent.

“ZTE is proud to be working with the NGMN and our key customers to advance these converged operations solutions,” said Sun Zhenge, Vice President of ZTE. “ZTE’s commitment is aimed at improving efficiency and quality of converged solutions, while also decreasing the time and cost involved.”

The formal partnership follows recent collaboration between ZTE and NGMN at the TM Forum’s Telemanagement World in May 2013 already, simulating interoperability between BTS management and configuration. ZTE demonstrated further advancements at the NGCOR showcase in San Jose TMF conference held in October 2013. It has also expanded the scope and functionality of the interfaces in the showcase to include Evolved Packet Core.


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