Huawei introduces IP Video Solution 2.0

HuaweiHuawei has launched IP Video Solution 2.0, which integrates diverse features and a new user experience to improve video business platform facilitation from Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) to Video Everywhere.

The platform is part of Huawei’s video everywhere strategy to enable video@home, video@move and video@enterprise. Over the next few years, more than 80 percent of total internet traffic will be in video format.

Leveraging cloud technology, the solution provides a disruptive new user experience by supporting 4K and Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast (eMBMS) over LTE on one convergent platform, delivering five key values for operators.

  1. Convergent+: Facilitates one convergent platform with seamless support of IPTV, Over The Top (OTT), Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) over cable, satellite or terrestrial, eMBMS Service which help operators to provide video across multi-networks.
  2. Connect+: Supports innovative cloud based multi-screen solutions to synergize fixed and mobile networks, which omits the need to change or modify home networking when supporting multi-screen services. And provides open Application Programming Interface and application Software Development Kit (SDK) to help operators build an open eco-system.
  3. Content+: Enables rich content by fully supporting 4K, and OTT content aggregation which can facilitate easier collaboration with OTT players in the Business to Business model.
  4. Efficiency Improvement: Provides Service Quality Management tools based on big data technology to significantly improve operation efficiency for operators.
  5. New business model support: Supports multi-tenant operations. Based on platforms as a service each tenant is able to create product packages and individual solutions for Electronic Program Guide user interface, language, currency, time zone and a Digital Rights Management system.
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